The Hodgepodge Trading System

The Hodgepodge Trading System

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

This Trading System and EA was impressed by the work of BigE (R.I.P.), Emmanuel, tony-fx, wizlon32 and Abokwaik. It’s a Hodgepodge of their respective programs, methods and views which were posted in these Boards. Thanks to every of you on your selfless enter into my Foreign exchange Journey thus far.

I began this as a put up for tony-fx’s however thought it could detract from the “purity” of his system therefore a separate thread could be extra acceptable. The system basically replaces tony-fx’s Development Filter (Ichimoku Cloud) with a Transferring Common Cross on a Greater Timeframe. I’ve used the 5/8 EMA (Shut) on the Every day Timeframe for buying and selling on the H4 Charts. Moreover, I’ve launched BigE’s 5-SMA-Typical-Shift3 because the set off for the Sign Candle. Echoing BigE right here, the Ichimoku filter leaves an excessive amount of on the desk. The ‘semi-martingale’ characteristic has been maintained.

Disclaimer; I’m not a Programmer so whereas strategies for enchancment are welcome, updates will solely be periodic – maybe as soon as month-to-month. Additionally, I should not have good/sufficient Historic Knowledge for in depth Backtesting at the moment.
The Hodgepodge Trading System
Thread Guidelines

  1. Do no matter you want with this EA
  2. Submit your outcomes and ideas

On Present Timeframe: Transferring Common (5 Interval, Easy, Typical Value; Shift3)
On Greater Timeframe: Transferring Common (5 Interval, Exponential, Shut)
On Greater Timeframe: Transferring Common (8 Interval, Exponential, Shut)
Heiken Ashi
Invoice Williams Fractals

Timeframe/Foreign money Pair
H4/Gold (Different foreign money pairs and timeframes to be investigated)

Purchase Entry Guidelines
HA breaks and closes above 5-SMA-Typical (Shift 3)
Quick MA is above Gradual MA on Greater Timeframe
Enter on open of subsequent Candle
Shut commerce when HA closes under 5-SMA (Shift 3) – First replace will embody an possibility to shut on HA color change.

Cash Administration
Place measurement: 0.1
Loss Issue: +0.05
Cease Loss: Non-obligatory (Auto Cease Loss based mostly on earlier Fractal excessive/low; Guide Cease Loss; No Cease Loss)
Trailing Cease: Non-obligatory

FILES (EA and Template)

Connected File
The Hodgepodge Trading System  The Hodgepodge EA.zip   29 KB | 823 downloads | Uploaded Jun 6, 2017 6:29am

The Hodgepodge 2.0


  1. Cease Loss, Trailing Cease, Break Even
  2. Exit on HA Color Change (per Dean Malone Synergy Methodology) New!
  3. Exit on HA Break of 5 SMA+Shift3
  4. Re-entry on false reversal candle. See put up #165 New!
  5. Greater Time frame Filters:
    1. EMA Cross; and
    2. Inside Bar. See put up #130 New!

    Use Auto_Stop_Loss as insurance coverage in opposition to loopy market strikes (snap UK Election Announcement for instance). In any other case, and notably with the brand new exit situation, there could also be no want for Break-Even and Trailing Cease Options so these might effectively be disabled.
    Connected File

    The Hodgepodge Trading System  The Hodgepodge – v2.0.ex4   33 KB | 102 downloads | Uploaded Jun 22, 2017 12:32am

Model 2.0.1 Added
Connected File

The Hodgepodge Trading System  The_Hodgepodge 2.0.1.zip   52 KB | 124 downloads | Uploaded Jun 23, 2017 4:55am

Hodgepodge v3.0

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