Binary Options MSP Indicator -[Worth $150]- Free Version

Binary Options MSP Indicator -[Worth $150]- Free Version

by Forex Wiki Team

Binary Options MSP Indicator Worth 0 Free Version

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Binary Options MSP Indicator Description :

Indicator for Binary Options MSP Indicator is a momentum based signal indicator. MSP Indicator generates signals for Call and Put options using impulsive price movements in both upward and downward movements. Visually, this indicator is depicted in the form of arrows and labels under them for greater convenience (Buy and Sell, they are also Call and Put).

Please note that MSP Indicator is a paid indicator for binary options and is currently on sale for $ 149.90, but you can download it for free from our website.

Indicator characteristics for binary options MSP Indicator

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M5-D1.
  • Expiration: 5 candles.
  • Option types: Call / Put.
  • Indicators: MSP Indicator_v1.ex4.
  • Trading instruments: any.
  • Trading time: 8: 00-20: 00 Moscow time.
  • Recommended brokers:

Installing the indicator for binary options MSP Indicator in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

MetaTrader 4 instructions for installing indicators:


Review of MSP Indicator for Binary Options

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the indicator for binary options MSP Indicator is a signal indicator that is built on momentum and impulses, and as you know, momentum is a very valuable trading factor for profitable binary options trading:

signals from the MSP Indicator

Experienced traders use impulse movements not only for short-term trading (intraday trades), but also for long-term (trades lasting from one day or more), so that traders and investors can receive accurate and effective signals at price extremes. And that is why momentum and momentum are appropriate for any binary options trading strategy .

Traders who use momentum when trading binary options hope that the price of the selected trading asset will also move in the direction of the trend until the trend stops and reverses . Using a special formula used by the indicator algorithm for binary options MSP Indicator, all signals to buy Call and Put options are generated, which show the best performance and profitability in times of increased market volatility , since it is at such times that impulses work best regardless of price direction.

It is also important to note that the indicator for binary options MSP Indicator uses not only momentum, but also the average true range (ATR). This helps to determine the strength of the momentum before the signals for Call and Put options appear.

Binary Options MSP Indicator Settings:

The indicator for binary options MSP Indicator has an average list of settings:

MSP Indicator settings

At the same time, there are two variables that are especially important in the operation of the indicator:

  • ATR Multiplier The first parameter must be changed depending on financial markets and trading assets, as well as timeframes . More often than not, a higher timeframe (from hourly and above) has a larger price range, so the ATR value should be set higher, since a higher timeframe will have a larger range. If you set a small value for a long time period, then the MSP Indicator may not work correctly. The lower the ATR Multiplier value, the more signals will be generated, which will give more opportunities for transactions, but this can also lead to false signals. The value “3-5” is the average and most suitable for any timeframe;

variable in MSP Indicator atr multirlier

  • Reactor The second parameter is used to adjust the strength of the pulses, and a small value in the settings will generate an effect with a low sensitivity, so the signals will not appear immediately, while a higher value will allow you to receive more frequent signals due to the high sensitivity. This parameter plays a decisive role in signal shaping and can be set in the range from “0” to “1” (“0.1”, “0.3”, “0.8” and so on).

variable in MSP Indicator reactor

Next are the secondary settings:

  • Source Variable for calculating the average true range (ATR);

variable in MSP Indicator source

  • ATR Timer Average True Range (ATR) is the average volatility value over a specified period. ATR measures volatility taking into account any changes in price movement. Usually ATR calculation is based on 14 periods, which can be intraday, daily, weekly or monthly. To measure recent volatility, it is better to use a shorter average, such as “2” to “10”. For longer term volatility, use values ​​from “20” to “50”;

variable in MSP Indicator atr timer

  • Changing ATR method This parameter is used to change the ATR calculation method, where Moving Averages and ATR are used to generate a different type of calculation. If set to True, the default function will be used, and if unchecked, the second ATR calculation method will be selected.

variable in MSP Indicator changing atr method

All other settings are responsible for alerts and font size, as well as the color of signals:

Binary Options MSP Indicator Worth 0 Free Version

Trading rules for MSP Indicator for binary options

The indicator trading rules for MSP Indicator Binary Options are simple, as trades are executed on signals. And as soon as a blue arrow with the signature “Buy” appears pointing up, you can buy a Call option. When a red arrow appears with the signature “Sell” pointing down, you can buy a Put option:

examples of signals on the MSP Indicator chart

It is important to remember that the option is not bought immediately after the appearance of the signal, but after the closing of the candle, on which the signal appeared, since otherwise haste can lead to losses.

Timeframes have already been discussed above, and you can use any charts, but expirations for all signals should be 5 candles from the selected timeframe.

In addition, this indicator is suitable for trading on the Forex market, and in this case it is worth buying and selling currency pairs in the same way according to the signal, and the transaction should be closed on the opposite signal.

Buying Call and Put options

In the image below, you can see how signals and trade entries work. When the signal candle is closed, the Call or Put options are purchased with an expiration of 5 candles, which on this chart is equal to 5 hours:

call and put by indicator for binary options MSP Indicator

The MSP Indicator, despite the fact that it is paid, does not redraw signals and can be used to trade binary options. It is important to remember that if the indicator is used without other auxiliary tools, then it is important to make deals only along the trend. You can also use other indicators in addition to the MSP Indicator to improve your results.

Also, you should always remember about the “golden” rules of money management and risk management , as well as choose only an honest and trusted broker, which can be found in our rating of binary options brokers .

Download Binary Options MSP Indicator :

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