E_C_N Chart EA -[Worth $3399]- Free Version

E_C_N Chart EA -[Worth $3399]- Free Version

by Forex Wiki Team

ECN Chart EA Worth 99 Free Version

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E_C_N Chart EA Description :

E_C_N Chart Robot is a successful MetaTrader 4 trading strategy that provides the most accurate signals based on the E_C_N chart. This robot works in two ways: in automatic and manual trading modes. The process is very simple.

The E_C_N chart sends trading signals to the E_C_N robot, and the robot immediately takes trades based on the incoming signals. In addition, it identifies major market trends, Support-Resistance Levels, Daily Highs-Lows and Pivot Points. This robot takes care of open trades by adding strict Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop. If the market changes the trend in this way, it neither opens multiple trades nor hedges. It is a very honest trading robot with no averaging, no hedging, no martingale, no arbitrage and no grid.

The E_C_N robot is capable of trading in all trading segments and provides an attractive return on your investment. Basically it doesn’t require a lot of investment to operate. Users can deposit a very small amount of $ 100 to an E_C_N or Standard account. An interesting point is that the E_C_N robot works great only with a $ 1 deposit on a cent account, and this fact is 100% true. E_C_N Robot never obliges traders to choose any recommended Forex brokers or trading account, because all Forex brokers are acceptable, mainly those who provide the MetaTrader 4 platform.

An E_C_N robot is capable of generating profits from 90% to 120% within 22 trading days or one month. To increase ROI, users can attach the robot to additional trading charts or segments based on the free margin of their trading accounts.

E_C_N Chart Template

Every trader knows that an Automatic Trading Robot or Expert Advisor will not be successful without some kind of successful trading strategy. This is why the E_C_N chart is the backbone of the E_C_N robot and it is the main trading strategy that runs in the background for the automated robot. This is usually a manual trading template that is displayed on Long and Short trading signals on MetaTrader 4 charts. The E_C_N chart trading template is fully optimized and designed for all types of traders, they can use it as a long-term trading strategy, Day trading strategy, Scalping trading strategy etc. They can add their favorite MetaTrader 4 indicators and filters to make it more suitable for them.

ECN Chart EA Worth 99 Free Version


Broker Requirement :

E_C_N Chart EA Settings:

ECN Chart EA Worth 99 Free Version

E_C_N Chart EA Results:

The E_C_N robot received 749% of the guaranteed profit within 6 months with a total drawdown of 10%.
Please note: Myfxbook published results were taken from our existing client who shared their Myfxbook with us.


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Existing clients can share their investor passwords to publish their results on the telegram and Myfxbook channels. Customer Names, Account Numbers, Investor Passwords and Contact Details will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for advertising purposes without the permission of customers Thank you!

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Key features of an E_C_N robot

The E_C_N robot has some unique key features that make this automatic robot different and popular than other software in the foreign exchange market.

Fully Automated 24/5 Launches

It is a fully automated Expert Advisor that automatically opens and closes trades in your MT4 account around the clock.

Broker compatibility

The E_C_N Robot is compatible with all MT4 brokers and all types of MT4 accounts such as micro, mini, standard, E_C_N and cent account.

Growth by 90% – 120% per month

An E_C_N robot makes an average of 90% to 120% of amazing returns every month with a low level of risk.

Trend Based Strategy

The E_C_N robot is based on several technical indicators and is a combination of trend trading strategies on the E_C_N chart.

More safe and secure

The E_C_N Robot has a built-in stop loss to reduce trading risk and make your trading account more secure.

Dual Trading Mode

E_C_N Robot offers two trading modes with E_C_N chart template for manual and automated trading in the markets.

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