Micro Martingale with small capital maupun Scalper

EA Micro Martingale berfungsi sebagai Martingale maupun Scalper

Replace 2018.01.14

Micro Martingale with small capital maupun Scalper 1

Bug repair trailing.

  1. Signal_Limit, Filtering when motion may be very excessive (eg as a consequence of Crimson Information) often with Candle and spreads widened Default 99 (unfiltered), change 15-20 for filtering.
  2. Marting_Oneway, Reopen within the course of the earlier minus place. True = Open Unidirectional, false = Open Hedging
  3. Virtual_Pending, To beat pending orders that always error as a consequence of quick vary.

Replace 2018.01.31

V1.03 Similar as V1.02 (for bettering the stability of marting, it would end about 1-2 weeks).

V1.03 Options:
Added choice for manually processed transactions (BUY / SEL or BUTSTOP / SELLSTOP or BUYLIMIT / SELLLIMIT) from all Faltforms (MT4 PC, Net Dealer, Mobilephone, and many others) and Closing can be accomplished by EA (if enabled).

With the addition of Parameters: Manual_Trading_Active (True / False)

V1.04 model change (2018.03.01)

1. Bettering the Open Order by Grid.
2. Closing Purchase or Promote Grouping.
3. Added Locking function to Hedging stability when loss, and subsequent dealing with manually (if TRUE).
4. Marting_Multiplication (if 99 auto).

Non-compulsory Ideas for Small Sign:
– Signal_Level 0
– SL and TP 200 or extra
– Small LotSize or about 0.5%
– Marting_Min_Grid 3 – 5
– Locking_Active (elective)
A day of transactions can attain 700-900 / pair.

V1.08 model change (2018.07.19).


For Regular Alerts, nothing adjustments besides Repair bugs.

For small Sign with out SL:
1. Optimizing Locking operate
2. Optimizing MM

Locking operate
Locking will mainly work higher if in a trending state.
For that Locking operate added parameters Daily_range_min.

MM adjustment
In the long term, it might solely use MM 0.2 – 0.5% of Free margin. As a way to use a bigger MM, underneath sure situations will be adjusted to be bigger to 2%. For that added parameter Daily_range_max to regulate MM


SoeHoe.ID_Sample Set file with out SL

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