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Understanding the Show Pips EA : Over-fitting in Expert Advisors

Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 2

Over-fitting: The Silent Killer of Forex Trading Strategies

Discover the hidden dangers of over-fitting in forex trading strategies and how it affects the live performance of Expert Advisors.

Avoiding Over-fitting in Trading Strategy (Part 1)

Identifying the signs and causes of over-fitting and its detrimental impact on trading strategies.

Avoiding Over-fitting in Trading Strategy (Part 2)

A comprehensive guide to building optimization processes that prevent over-fitting and ensure the longevity of trading systems.

Technical Specifications

Version: 3.3
Year of issue: 2024
Recommended timeframe: M5
Minimum Deposit: $1000
Average of account: 1:30 To 1:1000

Best Brokers List

Show Pips EA works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the top forex brokers listed below:

BROKER NAMEREGISTERYear Founded Headquartered LeverageMinimum Deposit Regulating
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 3Register2007
🇦🇺 Australia
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇧🇸 The Bahamas
🇸🇿 Seychelles
1:1000$200ASIC, SCB, FSA
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 4Register2008
🇨🇾 Cyprus
1:Unlimited$10CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA, BVI
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 5Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 6Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 7Register2009
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇦🇺 Australia
🇧🇿 Belize
🇦🇪 Emirates
1:1000$5 ASIC, CySEC , IFSC
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 8Register2010
🇦🇺 Australia
1:500$200FCA , ASIC, DFSA
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 9Register2011
🇬🇧 England
Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 10Register2006
🇪🇭 Ireland

Show Pips EA Settings

Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 11

Show Pips EA: Revolutionizing Forex Trading with Anti-overfitting

Unveiling the Anti-overfitting Process

Explore the three crucial stages of the Anti-overfitting process that sets Show Pips EA apart from other Expert Advisors.

  • Initial Optimization: Testing and extracting robust parameter values from historical data.
  • Walk-forward: Evaluating the stability and predictive power of the trading system with new data.
  • Stress Testing: Pushing the system beyond its limits to assess tolerance to random factors.

Live Trading Monitoring

Follow the real-time performance of Show Pips EA since October 10, 2022, with live tracking for complete transparency.

Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 12

Backtest Results


Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 13 Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 14 Show Pips EA MT4 - Free Download 15

Inside Show Pips EA Algorithm: A Symphony of Intelligence

Introduction to Show Pips Algorithm

Uncover the sophisticated algorithm behind Show Pips , blending cutting-edge AI with classic trading strategies.

Automated Trading in 4 Steps

Learn how Show Pips EA seamlessly integrates AI algorithms with momentum, supply-demand zones, and Fibonacci retracement in four automated steps.

  • Step 1: Continuous scanning of potential supply and demand zones.
  • Step 2: Price momentum analysis using AI algorithms across multiple time-frames.
  • Step 3: Making informed trading decisions at identified zones.
  • Step 4: Managing trades based on the probability distribution rule.

Features of Show Pips EA

Trading Strategies

Recommended Settings

  • MultiCurrency EA: Yes
  • Takeprofit: Trailing
  • Stoploss: Fixed
  • Grid: Optional
  • Martingale: Optional
  • Manual Risk Management: Yes, including stop entry and close all positions

Installation Guidelines

  • Install on AUDCAD/AUDNZD/NZDCAD chart with M5 time-frame.
  • Choose risk mode (Boring, Low risk, Medium risk, or High risk).
  • Set base balance and personalize settings as per detailed instructions.
  • Conduct backtesting with high-quality data from third-party tick providers.


Show Pips is not just a trading tool; it represents a paradigm shift in forex trading technology. Its commitment to transparency, robustness, and adaptability positions it as a reliable companion for traders seeking consistent and reliable performance. Embrace the future of forex trading excellence with Show Pips EA, where innovation meets profitability.

Download Show Pips EA

Please try for at least a week an ICMarket demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this free forex Tool works before using it on a live account.

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