SRB PRO EA – Free Version

, SRB PRO EA – Free Version

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SRB PRO Description :

The Support and Resistance Breakout trading strategy is designed to trade the breakout of support and resistance levels . Levels are determined by a technical indicator, and entry signals are filtered through a moving average channel.

Input parameters

  • Currency pairs: any, including cryptocurrencies, metals, indices
  • Timeframe: M15 and older
  • Trading time: any
  • Risk management: after calculating the stop loss, choose such a lot size that the risk is no more than 2-5% of the deposit per trade

Indicators used

  • EMA (13, high)
  • EMA (13, low)
  • Support and Resistance Breakout (default settings)

Setting up a price chart

  • Unpack the archive
  • Copy the template to the templates folder
  • Copy the indicators to the MQL4 folder -> indicators
  • Restart the terminal
  • Opening the chart of the required currency pair
  • Installing a template named SBR

The graph should look like this:

Breakout Trading Strategy Support and Resistance Breakout
Support and Resistance Breakout Trading Strategy Template

Signals indicating the opening of a long position

  • the candlestick closed above the moving average channel;
  • an up arrow is displayed under the candle.
Breakout Trading Strategy Support and Resistance Breakout
Long entry examples

Signals indicating a short position

  • the candlestick closed below the moving average channel;
  • A down arrow appears above the candle.
Breakout Trading Strategy Support and Resistance Breakout
Examples of entering a short position

Placing a stop loss and take profit order

  • the size of the stop loss order is equal to the length of the candlestick on which the arrow appears, in points;
  • take profit is set according to the trend depending on the currency pair and timeframe with a minimum ratio of 1 to 1 to stop loss.

The author of the strategy does not recommend opening a trade if the candlestick on which the arrow appears is very large.

Breakout trading strategy Support and Resistance Breakout is suitable not only for experienced traders, but also for beginners, since its rules are very simple and straightforward. Before using the strategy on a real deposit, be sure to test it on a demo account.

Broker Requirement :

BROKER NAMEREGISTERYear FoundedHeadquarteredLeverageMinimum DepositRegulating
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2007Sydney, Australia1:500$200ASIC
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2009Belize1:2000$10CySEC, IFSC
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2009UK1:888$5FCA
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2008Cyprus1:Unlimited$10CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA, BVI
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2006Dublin, Ireland1:400 $100CBI, CSEC, PFSA, ASIC, BVIFSC, FFAJ, SAFSCA,ADGM, ISA
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2009Belize1:3000$1IFCS
, SRB PRO EA – Free VersionRegister2008Port Vila 1: 1000$10VFSC

SRB PRO Indicator Settings :

, SRB PRO EA – Free Version

SRB PRO EA Settings :

, SRB PRO EA – Free Version

SRB PRO EA Results:

, SRB PRO EA – Free Version , SRB PRO EA – Free Version

Download SRB PRO :

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