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ProfipipsHunter 2021 -[Private Use]- Full Version

ProfipipsHunter 2021 -[사용]- 풀 버전

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안녕하세요 외환 위키 친구, ProfipipsHunter 2021 기술 : Author said (Yus Rezal): ㅏ. Hence with that being said, attached are the EAs, the presets is not final, so please use your best optimization skills, visual, back and forward test with all those available strategy tester out there, example tick data. 비. Looking forward for everyone’s effort in sharing. The main feature of this EA is, it reads the history of highest drawdown while on visual mode testing, with that you can set your best capital higher so that your account is set with the optimized preset that can fit the margin […]
KAMA FX EA -[Private Use]- Full Version

카마 FX EA -[사용]- 풀 버전

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안녕하세요 외환 위키 친구, KAMA FX EA Description : The name of the KAMA EA stands for the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average. The author of that indicator Perry J. Kaufman, first introduced that concept in his book titled Smarter Trading: Improving Performance in Changing Markets in the year 1995. This is a variation of the adaptive moving average, which is built on the exponentially smoothed moving average mixed with the traditional methods of recognizing and applying volatility as a dynamically varying smoothing constant. The indicator is displayed directly on the main trading chart. It fits all kinds of timeframes and […]
DeepLearning FX EA -[Worth $499]- Free Version

딥러닝 FX EA -[가치 $499]- 무료 버전

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안녕하세요 외환 위키 친구, DeepLearning FX EA Description : This is a completely mechanized exchanging counsel equipped for working in two modes. In the “표준” mode, the EA works as indicated by an improved on conspirethe AI dissects the diagram of value changes and hangs tight for a positive passage highlight the market. Stop Loss and Take Profit levels in this mode are fixed and set contingent upon the predefined values in the information boundaries. In theMastermode, the AI, notwithstanding value vacillations, dissects the upsides of a few markers and considers them while deciding the place […]
Flip Flop EA -[Cost $999]- Free Unlimited Version

플립플롭 EA -[비용 $999]- 무료 무제한 버전

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안녕하세요 친애하는 외환 위키,   플립플롭 EA EA 설명: EA 베르소인 1.0 Flip Flopis는 전문 메타 트레이더입니다. 4 여자. 외환을 위해 설계 1 모든 MT4 브로커를 위한 시간 거래. 이 EA에는 좋은 이익을 얻을 수 있는 고급 기능이 있으며 85%-90% 보장된 승률. 이 표시기는 더 많은 통화 쌍과 함께 작동하며 1 시간 프레임. 85% – 90% Guaranteed Winrate Profits Boost Minimum balance is $1000, 로트 크기 0.10 플립플롭 EA 설정: 브로커 요구 사항 : 플립플롭 EA 결과: 플립플롭 EA 다운로드 :
Trade Game EA Old Copie-[Worth $499]- Free Version

무역 게임 EA 구본 -[가치 $499]- 무료 버전

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안녕하세요 Forex 위키 친구, Trade Game EA Description : This Postis about settings up Trade Game EA (Hidden Name) This EA is scalping the NEW ZEALAND market open till AUSTRALIA open Key: GMT : 00:00 외화 쌍 1: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF Foreign money Pairs 2: AUD / USD, NZD / USD, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF. USD/CAD Excessive Threat Pairs: All NZD crosses, All AUD crosses Time Body: 5 Minutes Verify Dealer time : Use hooked up P4L Clock.ex4 (place in Indicator Folder)… 브로커 요구 사항 : Trade Game EA Settings: Trade Game EA Results : Closing Report 9 Oct 2018   Download Trade Game EA : […]
VETTI EA Update 2021 -[Worth $299]- Free Version

VETTI EA 업데이트 2021 -[가치 $299]- 무료 버전

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안녕하세요 외환 위키 친구, VETTI EA Description : VETTI is an automated trading algorithm representing a universal scalper trading on the m1 time frame on a number of selected pairs. The algorithm’s profitability depends on the settings you choose. The average profitability on the optimal set is 12-25% 달마다, on the conservative set 5-15%, on the aggressive set from 30 ...에 150% 달마다. If you need help during the installation process, write to the online chat. This is a replicated version of the original robot with no account linkage. There is no technical support from the developer for it. If during […]