Slippage Gridd EA -[Worth $1682]- Free Version

슬리피지 그리드 EA – 무료 버전

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Slippage Gridd EA Free Version

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Slippage Gridd EA Description :

Thought of Slippage H EA used to be made in 2017-2018 , the goal is to scalping with an example from 0.01 ( min parcel )part to 200( max part) but turns out now not that favorable luck at that second on genuine record .

에 2020 , as my making revel in extra adult , I added some groundbreaking idea and fill in as into Slippage H EA . Result changed and it truly works . So I discharge it with confidence to allow it to serve all your purchasing and selling .

Result with 100USD – – > 5400% Please investigate comment stage / Reuslt with 10000USD – – > 4780 % Please investigate comment stage

옵션 :

Complete auto with Auto LotSize to push the advantage

To get a real example and step forward with scalping

Auto Time outline identifier to direct a Scalping

Particular Unfold and Slippage Observe methods and Leaping Unfold counteraction Techniques (Upgraded new fill in as)

Now not a ton boundary to set , it is easy to utilize

Slippage Gridd EA Settings:

Slippage Gridd EA Free Version
매개 변수 :

  • – AutoLotsize / 귀하의 계정이 산업에 얼마나 공정한지 투자할 것 . 10 = 10% .
  • – 찬스 종류 / 있습니다 3 모드 — > 미혼 H / 더블 H / 트리플 H (주문 방지 / 예방하다 + 금지 / 예방하다 + 금지 + 마켓플레이스 주문 ) 와 함께 모델을 확인하여 어떻게 그림을 그리는지 확인하십시오. .


브로커 요구 사항 :

브로커 이름레지스터

목표 :

  • 에서 0.01 lot to 200 제비
  • 혜택 발행 종료 300 USD 및 예상 수익 4000 USD


Outright best Environment you wish to have :

counsel capital >500 USD (All the time from little to extraordinary)

ECN vendor with low unfurl and notable specialists avoid gigantic slippage

Handiest artistic creations on XAUUSD /EURUSD/USDJPY/GBPUSD nowadays

VPS is most popular

Slippage Gridd EA Result:

Slippage Gridd EA Free Version

Download Slippage Gridd EA :

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