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이름: X_0_Serg153_TEST 거래 알림이있는 틱택 토 표시기. [ ru | cn ] 저자: 코레이 (2008.05.02 12:13) 다운로드 됨: 2213 다운로드: X_O_serg153_Test.mq4 (6.9 Kb) 작성자보기: Origin indicator X_0_Serg153 Copyright © 2005, Serg153 We took the ready indicator X_0_Serg153 created in 2005, and modified it. On one hand this allowed us to avoid verification of the tick-tack-toe method with its implementation in the indicator and to retain the illustration of the method. 하나, on the other hand, there are some difficulties in extracting trade alerts. The data of indicator X_0_Serg153 is represented as graphical objects, which caused the arising of the corresponding […]
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