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IOnosfera v7 Indicator -[Worth $150/Month]- Free Version

Binary BOT MT2 Indicator – Versi Percuma

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Hai Rakan Wiki Forex, Binary BOT MT2 Indicator Description : is a NON-Repaint indicator system design for Binary Options trading that usually being sold for 150$ sebulan. Algoritma IOnosphere, berdasarkan tindakan harga ia menjalankan sokongan dan rintangan, garis arah aliran, fibo dan penarikan balik. Ia mempunyai panel statistik dengan lebih banyak maklumat dan statistik kadar kemenangan. Ionosfera adalah algoritma yang dikembangkan untuk MT4 yang serasi dengan BOT MT2 Trading for Binary Options. Petunjuk mempunyai penyambung Perdagangan MT2 terbina dalam, mengesan kawasan sokongan dan rintangan, garis arah aliran, dan secara automatik menjalankan tindakan harga, mempunyai pilihan anti penundaan, dan dapat menentukur kelewatan yang disebabkan oleh internet atau […]
MT4 Engulfing Candle Indicator -[Worth $129]- Free Version

Petunjuk Lilin Engulfing MT4 – Versi Percuma

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Hai Rakan Wiki Forex, Penerangan Indikator Lilin MT4 Engulfing : Contoh yang menelan boleh menjadi bullish atau bearish. Broker khusus menggunakannya sebagai isyarat penyongsangan. Reka bentuk palang pelekuk yang penting berlaku apabila nyalaan pada grafik benar-benar “keterlaluan” cahaya masa lalu atau lilin. Ini dapat menunjukkan penyesuaian dalam penilaian yang dengan demikian boleh menjadi petunjuk pembalikan dalam tajuk perkara terkini. Engulfing Patterns Without separating or something to that affect engulfing bars are very regular on any outline and the more fragile cases frequently don’t give a valuable sign. Consequently the marker has settings to assist […]
Binary Reaper V3.0 Indicator -[Cost $99]- Free Unlimited Version

Penunjuk Binary Reaper V3.0 -[Kos $99]- Versi Tanpa Had Percuma

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  Hai Rakan Wiki Forex, Binary Reaper V3.0 Indicator Description : Binary Reaper is a buy and sell binary indicator based on the Aroon technical analysis indicator. It can be used to trade buy CALL and buy Put options on timeframes starting from the 60 seconds chart up to the 1 jam. It’s recommended to trade signals only in the direction of the overall trend. Sebagai contoh, look at the 5 min chart trend when trading the 1 min charts. This will greatly improve performance of the binary reaper indicator. Indicator Preferences Assets: Mata Wang, Komoditi, Indeks, Stocks Expiry times: N / A […]
Great Forex EA To Trade The DAX

EA Forex Hebat Untuk Berdagang DAX

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apa khabar di sana, Saya mengeksploitasi program perisian penyusun EA yang disebut sebagai Molanis. Please be happy to backtest and/or ahead take a look at this EA on the DAX and different indices and even foreign exchange. Apabila anda melakukannya, please be happy to answer along with your ideas. I welcome any suggestions you could have. I am making an attempt to get higher at EA creation. Thanks to your time. Relying on the suggestions I obtain I could submit updates and launch extra EAs. I’ve simply run an optimisation whereas backtesting the DAX on the each day timeframe. Hooked […]
Micro Martingale with small capital

Micro Martingale dengan modal kecil atau Scalper

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EA Micro Martingale berfungsi sebagai Martingale maupun Scalper *********************************************** Replace 2018.01.14 Pilihan: Bug repair trailing. Signal_Limit, Filtering when motion may be very excessive (eg as a consequence of Crimson Information) often with Candle and spreads widened Default 99 (unfiltered), change 15-20 for filtering. Marting_Oneway, Reopen within the course of the earlier minus place. True = Open Unidirectional, false = Open Hedging Virtual_Pending, To beat pending orders that always error as a consequence of quick vary. *********************************************** Replace 2018.01.31 V1.03 Similar as V1.02 (for bettering the stability of marting, it would end about 1-2 minggu). V1.03 Options: Added choice for manually processed
Auto Trading Portfolio (Free EA, No Expiration)

Portfolio Perdagangan Auto (EA percuma, Tiada Tamat Tempoh)

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Good day pricey merchants, We might wish to share our EA to you, EA terus berada di peringkat awal, every EA works for sure pairs and TF (it is already described on EA identify). We might develop it for an additional pairs, in the event you like this EA. It may be used on each demo or actual account (though we do not advocate it) with no time expiration. This EA works in non FIFO surroundings, regular unfold and slippage is simply fantastic. The EA solely open and shut trades on bar opening, so it may be examined utilizing open value methodology. No martingale is used on this EA. […]