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VIPER SCANNER – FULL PACKAGE -[Cost $29]-Unique SCANNER Indicator 100% NO Repaint

VIPER SCANNER – PACHET COMPLET -[Cost $29]-Indicator unic SCANNER 100% FARA Vopsire

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Bună prieteni Forex Wiki, DESCRIERE SCANER VIPER: REGULI DE TRADING PASUL 1 Alegeți instrumentul dvs. de tranzacționare de pe scaner (Chart will automatically switch to the new one.) STEP2 Wait for a signal in line with Scanner BLUE SQUAREBUY SIGNALS ONLY BLACK SQUARESELL SIGNALS ONLY WHITE SQUARENO TRADING (FLAT MARKET) STEP3 Close the trade Close the trade on the oppossite signal created by the software. If you are more advanced trader you can use your own exit technique like S/R levels, round numbers etc. TRADE EXAMPLES Take a look how trading signals look like! VIPER SCANNER Two […]