RSI-ADR Pro Dashboard Indicator -[Worth $99]- Free Version

Індикатор приладної дошки RSI-ADR Pro -[Варто $99]- Безкоштовна версія

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RSIADR Pro Dashboard Indicator Worth Free Version

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RSI-ADR Pro Dashboard Description :

The RSI / TDI alert dashboard allows you to monitor 6 main timeframes (selectable by you) at once on every major pair you trade.

The dashboard will alert you to extended conditions (overbought and oversold) at levels of your choice when a candle closes on the chosen time frame. You can have 6 seperate RSI time frames monitored at once.

RSIADR Pro Dashboard Indicator Worth Free Version

You can see instantly the condition of any currency pair and selct those that look ready for a pullback or reversal. Alerts on the dashboard show in the relevant colour to indicate whether it is a good buy (green) або продати (red) opportunity. You can also select which time frames to receive alerts on independently so if you just want to enter when M15 is extended you can select to only recive alerts for that time frame.

The dashboard is designed to sit on it’s own chart with no other indicators and can be put on any pair or timeframe. It is designed to simply sit in the background and just alert you every time an RSI of your choosing gets to the levels of your choice.

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RSI-ADR Pro Dashboard Settings:

RSIADR Pro Dashboard Indicator Worth Free Version

Download RSI-ADR Pro Dashboard :

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