10X Buy/Sell Signal -[Worth $90]- Free Version

10X Сигнал купівлі / продажу -[Варто $90]- Безкоштовна версія

10X BuySell Signal Worth Free Version

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10X Опис сигналу купівлі / продажу :

10X Buy/Sell Signal Forex Mt4 indicator is our new developed indicator which givebuy and sell signalsдляall the Forex pairsand works onбудь-які часові рамки.

Trend Poweris new feature developed by sinry advice which it shows how strong and reliable the signal is and it helps you to knowwhich signal is more accurateіwhen to exit the trade.

Використання 10X індикатора купівлі / продажу допоможе вам навчитися бути професійним трейдером в довгостроковій перспективі , це допомагає вам спостерігати за поведінкою графіків і реагувати на них.

We have explain the strategy on how to use this indicator in video below


  • First Indicator with Trend Power
  • 5 trading strategies mode
  • Applicable on All forex Mt4 Pairs and time frames
  • 82% Verified Signal Accuracy
  • Best to improve self trading technique
  • Non Repaint
  • One time Payment with Free updates
  • Full strategy and tutorial video
  • Pop up Sound Alert (by turning on AlertOn in its setting)


Another Important andnew functionof this indicator is that is has 5 different strategies in it which you can select between Scalping, Fast Scaper, Tick Trend, Swing and Trend.

How to Install ?

Aftering completing purchase and downloading the fileplease send your demo or liveMT4 account number to [email protected]and request for license key and insert the key in indicator input setting to run the indicator.

Примітка: You need to insert the key in token section which is on input tab of indicator setting and after that go to common tab and click Allow Dll Imports , then run it.

Only Trade when the signal candle is close, during open candle signals may vary.

What’s best strategy to use this indicator?

As mentioned above it works on all forex pairs and time frame and it’s up to users to select which pairs to trade and its profitable on all pairs.

In order to use Trend Power you need to take signals that haveвище 40 trend powerand any number below 40 don’t trade because it has lower odds.

to know more about how to read the signals and how to use the5 стратегіїplease watch the tutorial video above.

Вимога брокера :

10X Buy/Sell Signal Settings:

10X BuySell Signal Worth Free Version

10X Buy/Sell Signal Live Trading :

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Download 10X Buy/Sell Signal :

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