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Chaos Visual Averages (Haos) Trading System -[Private Use]- Full source code

افراتفری بصری اوسط (Haos) تجارتی نظام -[نجی استعمال]- مکمل سورس کوڈ

فاریکس وکی ٹیم کے ذریعہ
ہائے فاریکس وکی دوستو, افراتفری بصری اوسط (Haos) تفصیل : The best indicator for reversals One of the biggest mistakes trading novices make is that they try to generate as much information as possible from one chart by using many unnecessary indicators. The result is a chart full of lines, squiggles and all sorts of nonsense which gives the trader a conflicting story. Such on-screenfussconfuses a new trader forcing them to open or hold onto unprofitable positions until the dreaded Margin Call is announced. Keep it simple they say. But how? By using the Chaos Visual Averages indicator […]