Xcode Indicator -[Worth $99]- Free Version

Xcode Indicator -[Worth $99]- Free Version

by Forex Wiki Team

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

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Xcode Indicator Description :  

The indicator for binary options Xcode is both a trend indicator and a signal indicator at the same time. The indicator analyzes the strength of the price movement and its position relative to local extremes, which ultimately gives us the direction of the trend . The indicator is suitable for all time frames, but the best results can be obtained on charts from M30 and higher.

The indicator itself is easy to use and does not have complex settings, which makes it suitable for beginners.

Indicator characteristics for binary options Xcode

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M1-D1.
  • Expiration: 1 candle or 10 candles.
  • Option types: Call / Put.
  • Indicators: XCode.
  • Trading instruments: all currency pairs.
  • Trading time: 9: 00-17: 00.

Broker Requirement :


Installing the indicator for Xcode Binary Options in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.


In the indicator settings, the “SignalPeriod” parameter with the “9” period is balanced and is most suitable for intraday trading, but for more rare signals it can be increased:

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

A decrease in the period, on the contrary, will make it possible to receive more frequent signals, but also increase the risk. Please note that the higher the indicator period, the longer the expiration should be selected.

Xcode Indicator Settings:

Trading rules and indicator description for binary options Xcode

By themselves, the rules for trading using the Xcode indicator are very simple. All that is needed to buy a Call option is for a blue indicator line to appear with the word “Buy” below it. To buy a Put option, respectively, you need a red line and the inscription “Sell” above it.

Expiration can be used as 1 candlestick for faster, but also more risky trades, or 10 candles for trending trades.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the indicator gives a signal at the moment when the price crosses the indicator line, but if a situation is observed, as in the picture below, then it is better not to make any transactions:

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

The next candlestick engulfed the signal one, which indicates the absence of sales, which means the signal is false. This rule should be applied to beginners and also to those who like to trade with minimal risks.

In addition to the above, the indicator has several visual parameters that help the trader understand the direction of the price at the moment, as well as what options should be considered for buying in the current movement.

The direction of the price is indicated by the arrows in the upper right corner of the chart:

The direction of the trend is down from the Xcode indicator

And hints above or below the indicator line tell you which option is worth buying at the moment:

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

And as you can understand, Buy is a Call option, and Sell is a Put option.

If this indicator is added to a ready-made trading strategy , then these tips can serve as a filter for other indicators.

There are also alerts in the indicator:

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

Examples of trading with the indicator for binary options Xcode

For example, we will use the EUR / JPY currency pair and both types of expirations.

Opening a Call and Put option

As you can see from the example, buying Call and Put options with any expiration could make a profit:

Xcode Indicator Worth Free Version

Note: Please note that not all signals will work equally well for 1 candle expiration, so it is better to use some kind of filter for scalping using the Xcode indicator .


Despite the profitability of this indicator, when working with a trend, do not forget about the rules of money management , since they are the basis for profitable trading with any instruments.

Also, any indicator and strategy must be tested on a demo account in order to avoid unnecessary capital losses. You can choose a broker for testing trading systems and trading in our rating of binary options brokers . We wish you successful trading!

Download Xcode Template and Indicator:


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