Volatility Breakout PRO EA -[Worth $399]- Free Version

波動率突破 PRO EA – 免費版


Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version


波動率突破 PRO EA 描述 :

本EA是一個專業的多幣種趨勢跟隨交易系統組合,基於波動突破和支撐原則 / 阻力突破.

Naagot 投資組合 EA 包括 7 策略, 從許多其他人中選出, 我在真實賬戶上交易了很長時間,並持有大量資金.

好處 :

我是交易員, 不是賣家. 4.5 年 profitable public trading. 多於 $ 700,000 在管理. 我在 FCA 經紀商的公共賬戶之一: Darwinex 達爾文鼠 Live signal available with excellent results achieved on a live account with default EA settings

trades every day! And he does not bring profit every week. He trades in the same way as most pros: 和 rare but accurate 條目. The system uses relatively large trends that do not happen every day. When they do, the advisor will try to use them as much as possible.

This is not a curve fitting, not a tester’s grail (like most scalpers) and not a system for over-optimized indicator parameters. The systems are based on fundamental principles that work on many popular instruments.

Trend is your friendthe system trades 只要 in the direction of the trend.

Time-tested, only the best strategies, 從許多其他人中選出.

Unlike most sellers, I trade these strategies myself with my considerable funds.

– 2 completely different types of trend trading

Pure price action. Indicators are not used

– 貿易 4 most liquid pairs: 歐元兌美元, 英鎊兌美元, 筆記, 美元兌日元

Each position has its own Take Profit and Stop Loss, which do not change until closing. Take Profit is always greater than or equal to Stop Loss (very important for system reliability)

No toxic money management methods (網格, 鞅, curve fitting, artificially high win rate, SL> TP) 被使用, which usually lead to the loss of the deposit.

– 易於使用

Setting the risk within the strategy.

安裝 :

Add EURUSD, 英鎊兌美元, XAUUSD and USDJPY to MarketWatch in Terminal

Open EURUSD, 英鎊兌美元, XAUUSD and USDJPY charts and view all timeframes from M1 to D1 to download history.

Drag’n’DropNarago Portfolioon EURUSD M1

經紀人要求 :


Volatility Breakout PRO EA Settings:

Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version

設置 :

EET offset .

EET is the Eastern European Time used by most brokers. This allows you to divide the trading week into 5 24-hour frames. 在這種情況下, you must leave the setting at “0”. But if your broker uses any other time in the terminal, change this parameter. 例如, if your broker uses GMT, 放 “-3” 或者 “-2” depending on daylight saving time.

Symbol names .

If the symbol names do not correspond to the standard “EURUSD”, “GBPUSD”, “USDJPY”, “XAUUSD”, change these values. 實際上, this parameter allows you to use any character.


Fixed_Lotall positions will be opened with fixed lots. It is recommended to use only when testing on history.

Fixed_Balanceall positions will be opened with the same volume as if the account balance was always $ 10ķ. Correct way of backtesting. Using this method, you can see a logarithmic graph of the ratio of equity to return and recovery rates for the entire system with the selected balance of risks.

Auto_Lot is the recommended setting for real trading. The trading volume is calculated depending on the account balance.

Set the risk multiplier for each strategy in the system. Out of the box, the drawdown for each strategy is ~ 15%. 如果你將它設置為 “0”, the strategy will be disabled.

Testing :

MT4 does not provide multicurrency testing, so it is recommended to use MT5 for backtesting even if you intend to use the MT4 version.

Test each system independently.

Find a balance of risks that matches your risk appetite.

Volatility Breakout PRO EA Results:

Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version

Download Volatility Breakout PRO EA :


Volatility Breakout PRO EA Free Version





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