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Non Repainting Supertrend Indicator

姓名: Non Repainting Supertrend Indicator Author: Rajandran R (2013.05.29 07:30) 已下載: 247 下載: Non Repainting SuperTrend.mq4 (6.4 b) 查看作者: RajandranFounder of Marketcalls. Marketcalls is a small research blog started during 11th September 2007 which talk about Intelligent stock market analysis, trading strategies and forecasting. Only Charts, 圖案, Technicals and Strategies Will be Discussed accordingly with current market data’s from Charts. 描述: Non Repainting SuperTrend特別穩定,與舊版本的SuperTrend指標相比,具有一些優勢: 它使用移動 (統計) 算術平均值的中位數 (高的 + 低的)/2 of the bars instead of a […]