InstaForex Bank Card

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

InstaForex Bank Card
InstaForex prepaid MasterCard opens great opportunities to a partner. First of all, it enables a partner to withdraw affiliate commissions in cash from any ATM worldwide. These cards are emitted by Choice Bank which ensures its customers anonymity and privacy. Thus, the card and dollar bank account information is totally safe. No data on operations carried out with the card is transmitted to any taxation or regulatory bodies of any country.

InstaForex debit Mastercard is remarkable for its servicing fees (USD 0,99 a month) and a lowest commission at withdrawal – USD 3.

Prepaid InstaForex Mastercard is given for a term of three years. A cardholder can check the balance via the Internet and replenish it on the Payoneer payment system website.

InstaForex MasterCard can be used for withdrawing funds from one or several trading accounts registered under the cardholder’s name.

You can order the card by filling in the application form in your Partner Cabinet, specifying the requested personal information, your address, phone number, email and attaching a scanned copy of your identity document.

InstaForex MasterCard – for those who keep up with the times!

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