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Author: Nobody (2010.07.21 09:32)
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Automatic Magic No Calc Symbol per ASC II DANGER EUR/CHF + EUR/JPY the same number I have a new code AutoMagiCal v2a must test it comes later

For example EURUSD first and last killed = URUS
U = 95 R = 86 s = 91 number from ASC II Code caution is not equal to any computer
number = 95869591 while integer maximum 2´147´483´647 take the number in a double

check is bigger then 999´999´999 then make / 10 else its Magic

!!!please check it on their computer befor use it!!!

!!!Use at your own risk!!!

for me it works perfectly!!!

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I think this is for when you have the same EA running on multiple charts (maybe even the same symbol) and you don’t want them interfering with each other. My suggestions for the hash: look up Java’s string hash function. It has a very low collision rate, from what I hear (it’s what I use in my own app. programming anyways). Also, try to include the timeframe in the hash function as well. Your resolution of a hash(EA) > 999,999,999 is also very dangerous. The idea of a hash is that you reduce the probability of any one hash being used twice. 999,999,999 has a much higher probability of being used than any other hash. The easiest way is to just do a hash%x where x is your largest int.

Hope that helps.

21.07.2010 20:23 ubuntuboy

it just create a Magic Number, but hey! I can do that: 1234. here we are.

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