by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Author: Integer (Wininet) (2010.03.02 09:44)
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Imports live trades and orders from the firepips twitter page.

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Its just a template, you need to add your trade orders to this section:

       TXT = TXT + text;
       // Functions to export Trades from File <-- INSERT YOUR CODE HERE

     int j;
        int index=0;
        index=StringFind(TXT, "Order ID: 7", index+1);
        Print("order 7 found atz=",index);
      //  End of Functions to export Trades from File
03.05.2010 09:11 msbusinessil

23.04.2010 20:01 alex198555

Well, it doesn’t work! It has some mistakes. Can anybody correct it?
23.04.2010 19:08 alex198555

Hello – pal it doesn’t do anything besides msg “page downloaded page downloaded page downloaded ” —- What’s wrong? Why it doesn’t put a deal?

04.03.2010 10:14 mydone


Interesting. How do I use it? Just apply the EA to charts?

I get “Page downloaded …” msg.

Tx and regards,

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