popup tip: any bar’s local time

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
popup tip: any bar’s local time
Author: joshatt (2014.01.27 07:52)
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With warm help of WHRoeder, I finally finished this, many people wanted it for years. —-Manually draw a verticle line, this script will draw a text tip of the bar’s LOCAL time. Move verticle line around, tip will change accordingly. Very simple code, no dll things.


popup tip: any bar's local time


  • If anything goes wrong, check if there’s 1 and only 1 verticle line in chart.
  • Regarding timezone, you have to google and find out your broker’s GMT time zone….. put it in extern ini….
  • And remember a script will end if you close MT4 or switch chart’s timeframe. Must re-attach.
  • Any suggestion is appreciated… better name…bug…better code, I’ll try, no garrenty.

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