Random ZigZaG

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Random ZigZaG
Author: klam2404 (2010.07.30 23:19)
Downloaded: 3282
Random ZigZaG   RandomT.mq4 (10.7 Kb) View
Random ZigZaG

This is a Mew EA base on ZigZaG

Can Not Make profit yet!!!

Please open my link then open an account!
let me make some reference fund!
Thank U
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Dear Sir,

this is A EA in Very slow profit EA!

And high risk!

So…I suggect just for learning only!

in Real AC.really not good!

But this is A EA can not stop when this is already any trade order!!

else you will loss $$$

So..if you want stop,

Must at no trade at ALL.

If you can share the EA profit with me

I have a plan with my profit EA!

10,000 USD share with me half profit!

this EA is Call TailingPower!

Here is the Demo AC in Running

Beaverhead Financial Inc.

NO Need to Download the New MT4

server :
Login : 4807634
Investor : p3ysuwm (read only password)
May ~ July take profit two double

Login : 4846127
Investor : fefx2yx (read only password)

Random ZigZaG

take a look

then find me!

Random ZigZaG

25.08.2010 10:04 klam2404

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