Take-profit Eur/Usd

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Take-profit Eur/Usd
Author: chris10 (2010.08.16 09:58)
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 	 Take-profit Eur/Usd   take-profit.mq4 (6.1 Kb) View
I tested this Ea on multiple pairs but the best result are on Eur/Usd timeframe H4 long&short, account deposit 10 000$

for your service!!

 	 Take-profit Eur/Usd   	 Take-profit Eur/Usd

 	 Take-profit Eur/Usd   	 Take-profit Eur/Usd

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Your backtesting quality sux.
20.08.2013 12:22 PeaceTree

Interesting concept, will test it out on a demo account and report back…

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What are the settings for this EA,


29.04.2012 19:57 arieldutchess

Hi guys,

I’ve checked this strategy (already running on real account H1,H4,M15)

During testing I saw one issue. In April it’s destroying account on all timeframes. Any idea how to fix it?

 	 Take-profit Eur/Usd   	 Take-profit Eur/Usd

09.09.2011 12:14 brugiman


Hi how to install this EA?


You have to put in you expert folder

18.06.2011 16:14 sissia

Hi how to install this EA?
14.03.2011 19:45 lam200017

Hi Can you can add individual TP and SL, I have explane for some step


can you reduce the risk,
if this EA enter martingale lot size, ( 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, …), Can you have update the individual trade take profit ( TP), because…

One managed account has using this type of auto trading, they earn minimum 100% per month, they has already reached. if they reach then stop trading of the month. please can you help for update in your EA, then every body can test, if ok, is it good for all.

Please can you update this method, I will check in alpari, fxcm, FXPro
This method they have successfully doing in alpari micro account and FXPro account

Trading time alpari: 23 to 5

Example: UK alpari broker live trading ticks price, can you check the price in alpari time: 27/09/2010 4:10 onwards

0.01 lot EURUSD has buy price 1.34630, indidual TP: 1.34645
0.01 lot sell price : 1.34624, individual TP: 1.34609
pip step : 40 micro pip ( 5 digit broker)

if price move down

0.02 lot buy price: 1.34595, TP: 1.34610,
now 0.01 sell lot has reach the TP: 1.34609

if market move down
0.01 sell lot price: 1.34598, individual TP: 1.34583

if market move down

0.01 sell lot has reached, TP: 1.34583
then another sell
0.01 sell lot price: 1.34270, Individual TP: 1.34555

Price is move up, now

so now sell 0.02 lot
0.02 lot sell price: 1.34613, individual TP: 1.34598

price move up
0.02 lot buy has reach the profit, TP: 1.34610

price has another move up
0.01 lot buy has reach TP: 1.34645
and now
0.04 lot sell price: 134646, individual TP: 1.34631

So in your EA we want update:
buy and sell
adjustable & individual Take profit pip
Adjustable Pip step
Number of step
Tradeable time
equety percentage stop


05.10.2010 20:47 ajentha

Thanks Chris,

11.09.2010 09:55 Powerpack2008

This system works well, based on an h1 eur/usd chart. The question is, is that can we increase the size of trades?

25.08.2010 18:20 FxUniPip

This is a powerful tool, but is there a way that we can increase the lots

25.08.2010 15:47 FxUniPip

Interesting concept, will test it out on a demo account and report back…

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