Close on cross Kijun Sen

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Close on cross Kijun Sen
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Expert Advisor : Close Cross Kijun Sen

  1. When price crosses Kijun Sen the EA will closes all open positions on the chart and also all open position on charts of the same Symbol. .
  2. The EA will not close open positions on charts of a different Symbol to the active EA.
  3. To increase the distance price moves across the Kijun Sen before closing positions change the Points_to_cross parameter from 0 to the required number. See EA Properties Inputs Tab (F7).
  4. Eyeball points (Ctrl +F → hold down left mouse button and drag across chart): 5 = time displacement, 131 = price displacement in points (13.1 pips), 1.64573 = price GBPUSD.
  5. Close on cross Kijun Sen
  6. By default the Close_Marker parameter is set – false. To view, set – true. See EA Properties Inputs Tab (F7).
  7. Default slippage – 3. Adjust as required (F7).
  8. Changed parameters can be saved, named and loaded for re-use from the Save & Load buttons. See EA Properties Inputs Tab (F7 → Inputs Tab → Save, Load Buttons).
  9. Check ! (Ctrl+o → Expert Advisors)
    Close on cross Kijun Sen
  • It is advisable to use a Kijun Sen Indicator, as visual aid, in conjunction with the EA.
  • The user must ensure that the visual Kijun Sen Period and the EA Kijun Sen period are of exact same value.
  • A set of Kijun Sen Indicators with default periods of 21, 34, 50 and 100 are included in Kijun Zip. See – Download.

Label and Alerts

The EA has two Alert Options – Popup Alert and Push Notifications.

Alert Permutations:

  1. A: Popup Alert
  2. P: Push Notification (iOS and Android)
  3. AP: Popup Alert and Push Notification
  4. xx: No Alerts

Label showing Kijun Sen period – 50 and Alerts A (Popup Alert – true, Push Notification – false)

Close on cross Kijun Sen

Push Notification: iOS and Android

  1. Push Notifications are fast, fail safe and easy to set up.
  2. First install MT4 on Mobile Device.
  3. Locate MetaQuotes ID. See – Settings and Messages in MT4 Mobile.
  4. Enter MetaQuotes ID in Client Terminal of MT4 on computer (Tools → Options → Notifications).
  5. Note: The same MetaQuotes ID can be used with multiple Client Terminals (different Brokers).
  6. Click the Test Button.
  7. Open up MT4 Terminal (Ctrl + T) and select the Journal Tab and check under Messages if the the Test was successful.
  8. Check that the test message has been received on the mobile device.
  9. Once a successful Test is obtained Push Notification Alerts can be set in the EA.
  10. Important: Ensure that your mobile device has sound turned on for notifications.
  11. If further clarification is required, google and youtube “MT4 push notification.”

Close on cross Kijun Sen

To view images of similar Push Notifications as received on iSO and Android devices – Here (Scroll down to Push Notification)

Problem: No Ticks !

  1. EAs rely on ticks and when markets are closed there are no ticks.
  2. With no ticks Charts will not update to new Inputs.

Solution: Tick Generator – FREE – HERE . Also helps when testing in quiet – tick scarce – markets.


  • Popup_Alert – true;
  • Push_Notification – true;
  • Kijun_Period – 50;
  • Points_to_cross- 0;
  • Slippage – 3;
  • Show_Font – true;
  • Font_Color – DodgerBlue;
  • Font_Size – 11;
  • Font_Bold – true;
  • Left_Right – 25;
  • Up_Down – 200;
  • Corner – 1;
  • Close_Marker – false

My Other Indicators – See Here

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