Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs

Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

2017 UPDATE: I pride myself on posting charts before the fact, and followers will know my accuracy is incredibly impressive, HOWEVER and I DO stress, I do not want this thread becoming a signal service, I URGE all users to make posts and contribute to supply and demand rather than just profiting from the charts I post.

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Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs  Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs

hi, many may already know me here from posting in James16 thread, and Rockys Trading made simple with no lagging indicators thread.
Ive had some nice success mixing these 2 techniques together, and have now created a free to join room on Skype to discuss trading ideas from 5 min timeframes for scalping all the way up to daily etc for longer term trades. I have also added a LIVE trading webinar room with a view of my live desktop as i trade right on front of your eyes.

alot of traders ask other traders that have created a method/system that claim its profitable to ask to see thier statements to see if they are really profitable and telling the truth, notice how they NEVER show you a statement, all they have to do is black out account number and show, but they never do. I GO ONE BETTER!!! i dont show you my printed statement I show you my live screen with my live account all loaded and logged in to see my balance profits trades taken whatever you want!!! IM honest and genuinely profitable and have the live proof

I took a short from eurgbp last night for an easy 50 pips using these combined methods.

Ive since started to scalp using the same technique on 5 min tf, and found something interesting, that the 50 and 61 retraces of a long move on 5 min tf mixed with a supply or demand zone are very well respected for an easy 10-15 quick pippies.
The other method is exactly the same supply and demand, using 1 hour and up for set targets which is even more succesful than the scalping
So lets share ideas and even take trades together in the group.

SKYPE ID: dean.guile

I have not any live webinars planned at the moment, but here are a few recorded sessions, they are very long as they last the whole trading day each.


I now believe the ANYMEETING recordings have expired, but a follower of mine managed to record around 2 and a half hours of footage from my recordings, which I shall link below.

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Inserted Video


Inserted Video


As many know I had to abandon my sharing and livestreams for the funds I traded for a large Canadian Record Company, in my contract was areas that did not allow me to share or livestream my trading no more.
As of mid 2016, after a good many years trading the funds, I am back Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs  Trading my own funds and also some private funds within the UK.
I hope to become once more active again within this thread and share everything I have gained in knowledge since trading the large fund account.

The webinars and livestreams I did back in 2011, was one of the most transparent seen on FF, not only did I have my trading account on full show, I had everything I did on show, facebook, twitter, writing emails to family, people literally lived my life with me as an upcoming trader. I was a taxi driver at the time and the account opened at $200, when I left to trade funds the account stood at $4,265.44

I am trying to figure a way to once again do these transparent streams again, however, although I am not bothered by followers seeing how much money I have in my own account, since I trade private funds, from family members, to businesses, I cannot of course show these on the screen, so I am figuring a way round this to get something set up.

Proof of trading: Now this is an annoying one, my whole point was never to cherry pick and show everything live, this is why I livestramed it, nothing can show proof better than a livestream as it happens, the webinars were saved I thought forever, upon clicking them today it seems they do not work Supply and Demand Trading with Fibs  Many of my original followers will remember my early success and please chime in if you can, also if any of my early followers have screenshots, or even recorded my streams please get them posted up or mailed to me so I can put them up on page 1 for new followers to the thread.

My bread and butter is using daily charts with monthly and weekly areas marked, and 4 hr for entry. My original scalping method I started this thread of was used to show quickly the success of supply and demand without waiting hours for setup, the scalping of course still works to this day, but as a longer term trader I personally trade the higher timeframes.


With all these examples and teachings I make, I will always use a “LIVE” chart. Not a chart picked out from history.

So I bet many of you guys/gals here will have seen a method or teaching using candlestick formations/patterns. Waiting for price to hit support or resistence creating a pinbar for confirmation then clicking buy/sell.

Now please see the chart below, we see the red line, which most teaching would say is resistence now turned to support. As price goes back down to this line we can see a lovely demand level, we know buy orders are sitting there in some quantity, small or large we don’t know, but we know for a fact as S and D traders that here buy orders reside. Now as a supply and demand trader we would buy here and enter a long trade. For most other traders they would see this pinbar/hammer form and get in the trade much much later, infact over 30 pips later!!!!!! currently the supply and demand trader would be 50 pips in profit, while the candlestick trader would be alot less in profit and probably not close to a position to move sl or take profits. At 50 pips us supply and demand traders have at least already moved our SL to breakeven and now we have a “RISK FREE” trade.

Go and look for yourself, go away now and look at your charts, look for these candlestick formations, then look left, I assure you this will really open your eyes

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