Doda-EMA Indicator

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Doda-EMA Indicator
Author: Gopal Krishan Doda (2010.11.12 09:36)
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Gopal Krishan Doda


Gives Buy, Sell and Exit signals based on EMA7, EMA14 and EMA21.

Some Rules:

Buy : When EMA7 > EMA14 and EMA7 > EMA21 and EMA14> EMA21

Sell: When EMA21 > EMA7 and EMA21 > EMA14 and EMA14 > EMA7

Also, shows lines on chart on gives signals.

Shows no. of pips passed in bracket after giving signal.

Works on all currency pairs and time frames.


Always use stop-loss based on your risk-profile or by another indicator like Parabolic SAR.
Cut your losses small & ride the profit long.

Sample Image:


Doda-EMA Indicator


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