Fine Fractals [ ru ]

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Fine Fractals [ ru ]
Author: Denis Orlov (2009.09.21 02:32)
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The indicator will show the important bends of the price, peaks and bottoms where will not work standard

indicator.Function of shift on flat

for more exact instruction of time of an extremum is added .Both functions Sensitivity and Shift are accessible in properties:

extern bool Fine=True;

extern bool FlatShift=True;

And also

extern bool NewFAlert=False;

For inclusion of signal Alert at occurrence of a new fractal.

On a picture are shown for comparison usual (grey) and Fine Fractals.

Fine Fractals [ ru ]

Example of using:

As is known, fractals are often used for construction of lines of channels that allows to predict not bad sometimes a course of the price, to be exact levels of support and resistance, a point of a

bounce and breakdown and т.д… And other …Fine Fractals [ ru ]


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