Fractal Graph Dimension Indicator (FGDI)

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Fractal Graph Dimension Indicator (FGDI)
Author: jppoton (2009.04.21 08:14)
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This a rework of a script by iliko called Fractal dimension and that can be found here: http://codebase.mql4.com/2275

In there, I corrected two minor errors, and added a calculation and representation of the standard deviation of the estimation of the box-counting dimension. The two minor errors were the following:

– At line 199:
Instead of : for( iteration=0; iteration < g_period_minus_1; iteration++ )
It should be : for( iteration=0; iteration <= g_period_minus_1; iteration++ )

– At line 213:
Instead of : fdi=1.0 +(MathLog( length)+ LOG_2 )/MathLog( 2 * e_period );
It should be : fdi=1.0 +(MathLog( length)+ LOG_2 )/MathLog( 2 * g_period_minus_1);
For further details, see my blog: http://fractalfinance.blogspot.com/

Here is what it looks like on a daily chart for EUR/USD, the lower window represents the original fractal dimension by iliko, and the moving average is the FRASMA I published earlier:

Fractal Graph Dimension Indicator (FGDI)


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