by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha
Author: Collector (2006.10.16 12:49)
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Indicator PerkyAsctrend1, as well as all other ASCTrend indicators is based on Laryy williams’ oscillator %R, or WPR (Williams’ Percent Range). Indicator PerkyAsctrend1 “studies” the current trend and proposes the best entrance points near key support/resistance levels according to its forecast of the future price movement.

Indicator PerkyAsctrend1 gives signals that are shwon with blue and pink dots in the chart. Blue dots are for opening a long position, pink ones – for a short position.

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Is it possible to get a SOUND when we get a BLUE or PINK color?If yes,what is the right command and where should add in the file.
Another question,what is the max. pip should I get (take profit) whenever we get a BLUE or PINK color.
Thanks in advance for your support.
Best Regards,

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