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Writer: Watashi (2008.eleven.thirteen 08:30)
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Writer: Watasi

How a development modifications? The best way to decide a flat? Tips on how to commerce? … and so forth. This indicator will assist to reply these questions.

In the event you assume that the development inside N bars is a straight line you’ll be able to calculate the parameters of that line. You realize the equation of the straight line from the varsity, it’s y = bx + с. The inclination of the road is characterised by the “b” coefficient or tangent of the angle of slope. The indicator calculates this parameter utilizing the linear regression on each bar and show it in a separate window. If the colour is inexperienced it signifies that the worth is bigger than the earlier one, i.e. the angle of slope will increase, the pink colour means the other.



In sober reality, the “b” coefficient within the context of the charts is shaped by two coefficients: tangent of the angle of the road and the coefficient that characterizes the foreign money pair (in all probability Level), so the size of the indicator is totally different on totally different foreign money pairs.

How one can use the indicator? I feel there are a number of variants:

1. crossing the zero line.

2. most worth passage.

3. in case you decided a zone close to the zero line then it’s a flat and you may commerce on a break by means of.

If anybody has the concepts of the best way to enhance the indicator or how else it may be used I’ll recognize.

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