Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage

by Dr.Hamdi Boukamcha

the thread is growing exponentially!! many thanks to all active participants, but especially to the man who gave us a system to follow,
that, with this trading style is explosive! Favorite

here you could find the major update that contains rules, images, indi and tpl…

i know the new entry will jump to his post..
but i suggest you to read the whole thraed, in order to have the right mental approach…

Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage

remember that none apart you, is responsible if you loos money, you should not trade this style and system, but if you do is at your own risk…

p.s. here the pdf

03.27.2013 – update

favorite suggested a very good system to trade this way we are doing,

you could read all explanation here

and condor666 provided us another good system

here the details
Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage

03.21.2013 – update

this update to attach indies and tpl use in this trading style

yes, trading style not system.

if you like invest some time i assure it will be good,

but if you do not have the time to read, and understand, you will loose a new way of thinking

i’m not telling is for all, you can love or hate, but please, if you do not like, don’t bother us!! go away!

“old” thread start

hi folks!

i think it’s time to give people my strategy,

this strategy is very good, in trending market.

i trade for a living, now, after years of paradise and hell…

finally i’ve understood what works for me: little pips, many times a day, with high leverage.

yes, i know many futures comment, but this worked for me and works everyday.

the strategy is about the MM not the system, but i will give you the system that, in the future.

i’d like you to focus on the Strategy MM because i’ve tried many system with it, and with all of this systems the strategy has worked well.

if you are in the market from some years, you know that scalping and daytrading could lead to a beatifull account, but could also lead you to the hell, because of the high leverage.

so from here, i studied a lot, i was looking for a sytem that could give me good money, and extremely simple to repeat.

i’ve found that taking smallest profit, many times a day, is good, very good.

my strategy: 1 lot every 1.000$
SL is stop out
TP 3.3 pips (because i’ve an average 0.8 pips commission), so 2.5 pips net.

with this MM, very aggressive, you can make a lot of pips or $,

with only 2 TP everyday you’ll make 100% of your account in only 1 month.

you should make only this 2 trades a day, is it possible you fall in the metastation sindrome, or overtrade!7

i know some of you are thinking i’m crazy, but i will show you, day by day, my progress..

you know, this is only for demonstrate, so i will play with a dmeo account.

the system i’m using is a well consolidate trend following system, i use it on 1M and 5M timeframe,
i use also the other to understand the trend.

there are 2 ema channel high,close , low, 20 and 144
with ichi kumo with setting 27.78.156 (3M kumo on 1M TF, and 15M kumo on 5M)

basically i take trade in the direction of the emas, when price get out of the 20 ema channel.

i dont trade if some emas is touching kumo.

i watch also the price action, you know after lots of year, you couldnt watch to the candle, even if you want!

that’s all

this is a recent trade:

Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage

saturday, 03.09.2013: attached all indicator i use

Attached Files
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Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage  rsi chart bars.mq4   3 KB | 929 downloads | Uploaded Mar 21, 2013 3:30pm
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Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage  5ema high low in trend.tpl   145 KB | 967 downloads | Uploaded Mar 21, 2013 3:32pm
Daytrading/Scalping High Leverage  ^Pilotui_MY_STRENGTH_v1.0[1].mq4   18 KB | 1,007 download | Uploaded Mar 21, 2013 3:32pm

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