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M15/M5 MML template is utilized utilizing P=64 and MMP=60 settings throughout a triangulated format.

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Triangulated Units (TS) are odd numbered orders equivalent to 1,3,5,7,9, 11 and so forth.

Smaller account balances ought to apply the decrease order TS’s.

Greater account balances have extra flexibility and will think about larger order TS’s.

Threat per commerce and whole danger throughout the account is on the dealer’s discretion nonetheless, I’ll define all through the thread a number of examples of how I apply danger administration to those setups.

In the end the dealer is answerable for his/her buying and selling choices be it commerce or danger administration.

Instance of a Triangulated Set of Order 1 (1 by 3 pairs):
Triangulated Set 1 = 2 quick + 1 lengthy or vice versa equivalent to EURUSD (S), GBPUSD (S) + EURGBP (L)
Commerce #1 = quick EU
Commerce #2 = quick GU
Commerce #3 = lengthy EG

Instance of a Triangulated Set of Order 3 (3 by 3 pairs):
Triangulated Set 1 = 2 quick + 1 lengthy or vice versa equivalent to EURUSD (S), GBPUSD (S) + EURGBP (L)
Triangulated Set 2 = 2 lengthy + 1 quick or vice versa equivalent to AUDUSD (L), NZDUSD (L) + AUDNZD (S)
Triangulated Set 3 = 2 quick + 1 lengthy or vice versa equivalent to GBPJPY (S), GBPCHF (S) + CHFJPY (L)
Commerce #1 = quick EU
Commerce #2 = quick GU
Commerce #3 = lengthy EG
Commerce #4 = lengthy AU
Commerce #5 = lengthy NU
Commerce #6 = quick AN
Commerce #7 = quick GJ
Commerce #8 = quick GC
Commerce #9 = lengthy CJ

Greater order triangulated units merely observe alongside the same line of logic.

A TS of Order 5 would apply 15 particular person trades within the setup
A TS of Order 7 would apply 21 particular person trades within the setup
A TS of Order 9 would apply 27 particular person trades within the setup
A TS of Order 11 would apply 33 particular person trades within the setup

Ultimately a restrict is reached when it comes to the TS Order utilized for the reason that pair choices from a given dealer is probably not appropriate for a number of various causes.

MT4 (or MT5, cTrader) might be used on this methodology.

It will also be utilized within the futures market together with a number of correlated (constructive, adverse, inverse) choices however this won’t be elaborated on on this thread since a far larger account steadiness is required within the futures market due partly to elevated margin necessities and usually decrease leverage out there.

Course of trades in a TS:
The M15/M5 MML System grid will dictate the course of the primary 2 pairs in order that pair 3 will then be in the wrong way.

Alternative of Triangulated Units:
That is on the dealer’s discretion.
Some examples are proven above however there are quite a few different triangulated units that may be traded and these might be outlined within the thread in way more element.

Time Body:

M15 or M5
The M TTT M system might be additional utilized to larger TFs however this won’t be traded till a while a lot later sooner or later.

The M15/M5 MML System template is used for taking entries.
Entry both at an MML stage or after an M5 candle closes within the course of TP.
If pending orders are used then entry from the MML stage is allowed.

MML stage Entries:
A minimal understanding of the MML Grid is required.
There are 13 MML traces -2/8, -1/8, 0/8, 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, +1/8 and +2/8.

Lengthy entries –
most popular from the decrease Excessive MML zone between -2/8 MML to 0/8 MML
-2/8, -1/8, 0/8, 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, and 6/8 solely
No longs from 7/8, 8/8, +1/8 or +2/8

Quick entries-
most popular from the higher Excessive MML zone between 8/8 MML to +2/8 MML
+2/8, +1/8, 8/8, 7/8, 6/8, 5/8, 4/8, 3/8, and 2/8 solely
No shorts from 1/8, 0/8, -1/8 or -2/8

Onerous stops at all times utilized (no exceptions)
Minimal 1 by octave hole on an M15/M5 MML System Grid
Most 2 by octave hole on an M15/M5 MML System Grid

4 occasions the assigned SL pips is most popular or
Subsequent D1, W1 or MN MML up or down the chart supplied a minimal 4 to 1 R:r is maintained
Nb. MML settings should be 64 in all larger TF charts within the case of setting a TP.

Reward to Threat ratio:
All the time no less than 4 to 1 for each entry taken over your entire Triangulated Set.

Commerce Administration:
Set & Neglect handbook buying and selling strategy.
Advisable that every one setups are monitored every now and then by the dealer.
Minimal interference with trades is most popular.
Dealer has the discretion to switch trades for doubtlessly adverse excessive affect information occasions.

Threat Administration:
Most danger per commerce is on the dealer’s discretion.
Ideally throughout the vary 0.01% to 2% per commerce.
Whole danger throughout the account is the sum of all present trades SLs working available in the market.

A TS Order 1 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 3%
A TS Order 3 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 9%
A TS Order 5 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 15%
A TS Order 7 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 21%
A TS Order 9 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 27%
A TS Order 11 @ 1%_SL per commerce would have a complete danger of 33%

For larger order TS’s it would imply lowering the chance utilized per commerce in order that whole danger is wise.

Extra Entries:
On the merchants personal discretion.
Think about how the chance profile throughout the account might alter as trades are added.
Extra entries if used ought to begin from a minimal 2 MMLs past the preliminary entry.
Be aware of lengthy and quick entry tips above.

I will begin off utilizing a demo account and commerce it manually and counsel different merchants do likewise.
Little or no basic evaluation if any is used so it’s largely a mechanical technical strategy.
The preliminary setup for the Triangulated Units is what would be the most time consuming train.
SLs will then have to be allotted noting that on an MML grid not all pairs exhibit the identical octave hole and a given pairs pip worth additionally differs from different pairs.
Because the octave hole might differ and the pair alternative might differ then the pips assigned to a given commerce may additionally differ.
Due to this fact lot sizes allotted to a given pair may even differ despite the fact that danger per commerce is identical.
Be aware of the next formulation as they may have to be utilized for each pair traded.
Lot dimension = $Threat per Commerce / [Octave Gap * Pair pip value per lot]
$Threat per Commerce is calculated based mostly on dealer assigned danger% per commerce eg 0.01%, 0.1%, 1% or 2%

So an instance making use of a 1% danger per commerce on a 10 000 steadiness is as follows:

Account Stability = 10 000
Threat per commerce (dealer assigned) = 1% = 1/100*10 000 = 100
Assume Pair = EURUSD
Assume Octave Hole = 25 pips
Lot dimension for EURUSD = $Threat per Commerce / [Octave Gap*Pair pip value per lot] = 100/(25*10) = 0.4 tons.
Examine 0.4 lot worth by utilizing Lot dimension * Pip worth per lot * Octave Hole
[it should equal $Risk per trade … and in this case it does = 100 = 1% risk of 10 000].

So if buying and selling 3 triangulated units there might be 9 calculations concerned (1 per commerce over 9 trades).

All the time double examine the calculations to make sure an an identical danger profile is utilized all through.

When trades are utilized use your mouse to ‘mouse over’ the SL traces to examine they’re right.

The concept of the methodology is to easily enable all trades time to play out.

There might be winners and there might be losers.

The win/loss ratio might be relatively unimpressive however this isn’t a priority for the reason that technique depends on a restricted variety of successful trades to generate a internet acquire and this interprets under consideration progress over the long run.

Think about TS Order 1 (3 trades) @ 1%SL
A shedding commerce (L) = -1%
A successful commerce (W) = +4%
3 losses= 3*(-1%) = -3%
2L + 1W = 2*(-1%) + 1*(4%) = +2%
3W = 3*(4%) = +12%

Solely 1 winner wanted to be internet constructive (+2% acquire) despite the fact that you misplaced 2 trades.

As an train run by means of a TS Order 3, then 5, then 7 and many others.

A TS Order 3 @ 1%SL has a spread [-9% to +36%].

Recall TS Order 3 is a set of 9 trades.

Not very seemingly you’re going to get 9/9 winners is it … though attainable (perhaps).

Take a look at it when it comes to the minimal winners required to be internet constructive.

Solely 2 winners out of 9 trades is required to be internet constructive 1%
3 winners gives you a 6% acquire
4 winners gives you a 9% acquire and but it’s lower than a 50% win charge.

A really small account is best to commerce solely 1 triangulated setup of 3 pairs.

Bigger accounts might commerce larger order Triangulated Units equivalent to:
1 Triangulated Set = 3 pairs
3 Triangulated Units = 9 pairs
5 Triangulated Units = 15 pairs
7 Triangulated Units = 21 pairs
9 Triangulated Units = 27 pairs
11 Triangulated Units = 33 pairs

3 Triangulated Units (9 trades) ought to be the restrict till full confidence within the system is gained.

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