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Martingale is always associated with danger and a drain of the deposit. The developers of the ProTrend adviser tried to combine incompatible things - meshing and reliability. In the review, we will examine whether it turned out.

Below is a video version of the review.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that ProTrend turned out to be not bad and after “polishing” it will be included in our portfolio of robots. We manually selected these advisers from 4300 free algorithms based on tests and the subsequent optimization. Each of them is prepared for work and brings a profit of 20-30% per month. Just leave a request - and we will send all 5 advisers directly to you in the mail!

Advisor Characteristics

Platform : MetaTrader 4

Version : 1.0

Currency pairs : USDCHF and other instruments with moderate volatility

Timeframe : H1

Type of robot : martingale net

Work time : not limited

Trading principle

The difference from the rest of the “monkeys” is that here the lot when building the grid increases not in geometric but in arithmetic progression. This reduces the load on the deposit and allows you to survive strong trends.

Otherwise, ProTrend has a standard grid:

  • sophisticated market analysis is not carried out. The exact operation algorithm is unknown, but judging by the deals, the color and range of the previous candlestick are analyzed. If it is white - the robot opens a long position, black - short;
  • a grid is built with a fixed step between orders. Lot increases slowly;
  • when closing the grid, you should re-enter the market, usually this happens within 1-5 candles after fixing the profit.

Below are examples of transactions.

ProTrend 01 e8506

The ideal scenario is a grid of 2 levels, both orders are closed with a profit

ProTrend 02 8fa4e

A very large grid, its adviser closed 1.5 months after the opening of the first knee

ProTrend 03 ca1e0

Moderate Grid

ProTrend 04 d2516

Quick completion of both deals

ProTrend 05 2b1ad

Such sites do not bring large profits. The first lot is small and the profit is small in money

ProTrend EA - Russian Trading Robot- Smart Martingale in action 1

Example of working out a small grid

ProTrend EA - Russian Trading Robot- Smart Martingale in action 2

Sometimes the robot catches good trends, but it makes little money

ProTrend Advisor Settings

The standard list of settings for the grid:

  • Risk - lot volume as a percentage of the deposit;
  • TP - take profit in points;
  • Step - step between the knees of the grid;
  • TimeStart / End - time of the beginning and end of trading;
  • Spread - filtering by the maximum spread;
  • TimeLife - life expectancy of deals in candlesticks;
  • MinBalance - filter by drawdown. If the deposit falls below this value, trading will stop.

ProTrend 06 f8d41

Grid Settings

The adviser determines the bit depth of quotes. Key settings are lot size, TP value and step between grid levels. When optimizing, experiment with them.

Test results

The set comes only with USDCHF, but the net is suitable for any pairs with moderate volatility. You need to experiment a little with the settings of the step between orders, lot, take profit.

In addition to USDCHF, ProTrend was also tested on other pairs.

ProTrend 07 e4e72

Main drawdown on USDCHF received at the end of testing

ProTrend 08 50be9

On EURUSD, the adviser leaked a deposit

ProTrend 09 16895

There is a drain on GBPUSD, at the moment the profit exceeded 40% of the deposit

ProTrend 10 7f2f6

USDJPY brought 73% profit

ProTrend 11 0c7df

The best result was obtained at EURGBP - deposit increased by 74.16%

As expected, low volatility instruments generate more revenue. On EURGBP, the drawdown was also three times lower than on USDCHF.


With the recommended set of settings, the adviser shows itself perfectly over a long distance. For martingale robots, this is rare. Due to soft martingale, the adviser needs a more serious rollback to go to zero, but we get a reduced load on the deposit, this is more important. ProTrend already works on a live account, I promise to inform you of the results of trading in the following reviews.

I recommend not to waste time searching for the perfect advisers, but to download our selection of 5 free robots. We saved dozens of hours of your time, independently tested thousands of advisers and selected the best of them. You can simply put them on your account and make a profit. So follow the link below, leave an email, and we will send all 5 advisers to it one by one.

ProTrend EA Free Download :



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