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The Expert Advisor was developed on the basis of many years of research on pairwise correlation. 
This is the assembly of all the best that was in past topics. 
Previous topics: 
semi-automatic hedge system
In this advisor, I left a minimum of settings for the convenience and ease of its use. You can set it without changing the default settings. To increase profits, you only need to change the lot. 

Trading Robot (SMARTHEDGE

Advisor ) The Expert Advisor works on the following tools: 
These tools were selected and tested for a considerable period of time. The choice of these instruments is due to the fact that they correlate well with each other and do not diverge very far from each other. This provides insurance against long subsidence. 
The timeframe for work I used M5 and M15, but you can experiment on other TFs. 
The Expert Advisor on a given time interval (300 candles) compares two instruments to each other and, if these instruments diverge, opens counter positions. Further, when the tools converge, the adviser closes the positions by the total profit indicated in the parameters or by changing the direction of convergence (color from red to blue or vice versa). Closing when changing direction occurs only with a positive profit.
Advisor enough to put on one pair of bundles. For example, for trading on the GBPUSD bond - EURUSD, it is enough to place the adviser on GBPUSD or EURUSD. 
On the chart, the adviser draws both currencies and the bars indicate the distance between them. In the lower left corner, the adviser shows the earned profit. In the upper right corner from top to bottom: Balance - the current balance of the entire account. Equity - The current Equity of the Profit account - the current profit for open trades. Next in the line is displayed the profit at which the closing of trades takes place. If the closing is set to 0 in the settings, then the EA itself calculates the required closing amount based on the lot. Below right information about discrepancy tools.

Name: USDJPYM15.png Views: 10013 Size: 37.8 KB

Maximum - this is the maximum discrepancy in the control area (default section = 300 candles), the 
current one is the current discrepancy of the instruments. 
Last opening - here it shows at what value the positions were last opened. 
Open - shows the divergence interval at which the following positions will be opened. 
The Expert Advisor is fully automatic, but for lovers of the hand trade, I added 3 buttons to the bottom right corner. 
When you press the manual control button, the adviser stops opening and closing positions itself, but at the same time it performs all the calculations and shows the levels of divergence. 
Button Open - opens 2 opposite positions for selected instruments. 
Button Close - closes all positions.
Advisor can be used as a semi-automatic. Those. open positions with your hands, and then give the adviser control the closing or, on the contrary, wait for the profit from the positions opened by the advisor to suit us and close the deals. 

Advisor parameters:

п Lot - order volume K_Lot - increase in order volume. StartDelta - the minimum discrepancy at which we open the first pair of orders. It is also used to open subsequent pairs. Close when receiving a loss - the adviser for a given loss, for example, 100 usd will close all positions
Title: param.PNG Views: 9647 Size: 18.7 KB

Close when receiving profit - the adviser for a given profit, for example, 100 usd will close all positions. If 0 is specified, the adviser will calculate the profit for which you need to close positions depending on the lot and the difference of instruments. 

If after opening the first pair of positions, the divergence of the tools increases, then the adviser opens the second pair of orders with the lot multiplied by the coefficient (by default 1 - without increasing the lot). 
Usually, with such settings, the adviser opens 1-2 pairs, but the market sometimes gives surprises. 

Example of an extreme situation:
Title: 2018-07-04_15-03-53.png Views: 9556 Size: 2.7 KB

This is a table of comments to orders. Advisor specifically creates such comments for ease of analysis. The adviser opened the first pair at delta 118.2, then the discrepancy increased by another 100 and the adviser opens the second pair 220.0 but the tools went further and the third pair of orders was opened at the delta 326.0. After that, the convergence and closure of all 6 positions in total plus occurred. 

pїј In this situation you can not wait for convergence tools to close all positions in manual operation. And you can wait until the profit reaches 610.79 usd or the color of the correlation changes to blue. Advisor works on a demo account without a key. For a real account, you must buy it or open an account using an affiliate program .Click image for larger version Name: USDJPYM15-exit from a drawdown.png Views: 5716 Size: 45.5 KB ID: 2024985

The EA does NOT work in the tester as the MT4 tester is not designed for pair trading. 

Version 1 and all following has an autotranslator in English. And you can choose any tools for trade. 
Improvements of version 3: 
1 Added 3 delta levels (opening 1st 2nd and subsequent pairs of orders) 
2 Added a filter for the selected TF. Now, the adviser can work by analyzing 2 different TFs at once. 
3 Added speed filter. Allows opening only if the delta during X bar was zero. 
Successful trading!



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