Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint

Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint 6

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Innovative Trading System Description :




Forex is the largest exchange market in the world. Daily volume can easily exceed several billion dollars. It includes the largest financial institutions, banks and the biggest investors in the world, which make huge transactions every single day. Forex raises a great interest among individual investors too. It is not important, what is your education, which social class you represent and how much money do you have. Here everyone can try his hands and achieve success.

 Why is the currency market so popular in recent years?

Of course, the potential earnings are the most important factor. Thanks to the leverage, you do not need huge money to control a considerable amount of money. High leverage can mean quick profits or … very quick margin call. What is the cause of failures on the Forex? Why the statement talking about the fact, that only 5% of investors earn, while 95% of traders constantly lose their share?
There are lots of problems, which can be enumerated without end. Bad mental approach to the trading, averaging of losses, unfavorable RR relation and of course inappropriate transaction system.


Full versatility

The method can be used on every time interval and every trading instrument available on the MT4 platform. Adjust the trading mode to your personality and start catching pips wherever you like.

Easy to use and highly effective

Our software will help you read the charts in simple way and produces easy-to-read signals.

Stress-free trading

Crystal FX entails fully non-discretionary signals. No more analyzing a dozen indices, the only thing you have to do is to follow the signal.

100% plug and play

It takes 1 Minute to install and start making pips.

100% Non Repaint

After the signal is printed on the chart, you have 100% guarantee that it won’t change in any way.

Build-in alerts

With the trading alerts feature you can stay informed about every new signal even when you are enjoying your everyday activities away from your computer.

Before we get to the more details about our software, let’s take a look at this picture.

Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint 7

CCI shows a sell signal, simultaneously the price approaches a very important moving average EMA100. Sell? Probably not, because in the past, this average bounced the price quite nicely. MACD shows the beginning of a downtrend, while the price is approaching the daily pivot. I’m selling! Or maybe I wait a minute – a daily pivot is important. Heiken Ashi candle is long and red, I’m selling for sure! Wait a minute, the stochastic is heavily sold out and it can be a pullback soon.

1. Determination of a trend

Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint 8

2. Finding areas where the market takes a breath and accumulates orders

Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint 9

3. Further following the market

Innovative Trading System 100%Non-Repaint 10


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