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Index Manual Strategy – Trade manually using Proven Strategy


Today I come up with a manual strategy. Those index strategy mostly used in the There are forun strategy indise for each volatility index in the You can also get the best time frame to use each strategy. If you like you can test. These strategy gives almost 85%+ winning ration. Although it's giving good result, use these strategy in the provided time frame and good market condition. This is for your balance safety.


If you love to trade manually, Index Manual Strategy can be the right option for you. We combined four different strategies for all volatility index assets. It’s very useful than the other Each strategy is properly explained with the picture and market condition.
Inside the strategy, you will also find a good time to trade. market condition scenario and much more this. We try to simplify the strategy as much as we can. If you follow the strategy and make a trade, you will win the trade 95% of the time.
So the profitability of this bot is really a phenomenon. You can use different strategies in the different market conditions and for different volatility index. We recommend using this strategy for 5 ticks time duration. You adjust or combine strategies if you like.
We recommend do not over trade. After you make some profits, you should stop trading for a while. Most of the people over trade to make more profits, eventually, they lose their money for over-trading. Stay safe and control your emotions.
Index Manual Strategy For - Free Edition 2

Recommended Settings:

  • Recommended balance $200
  • Initial Amount: $3
  • Profit: $10-$20 (You can use more, but making 5% is already very good)


Download Index Manual Strategy:


[]Index Manual Strategy


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