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FOREX FVG Indicator Review

When diving deep into the world of forex trading, traders have always sought innovative tools and indicators to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. One such cutting-edge tool is the FOREX FVG Indicator. Let's delve deeper into understanding the concept behind this groundbreaking indicator.

Understanding Fair Value Gaps (FVG)

Before we get into the product, let's lay the groundwork by understanding what Fair Value Gaps or FVGs are.

  1. Nature of Fair Value Gaps: FVGs reflect areas of price imbalance on one side of the market. They are essentially the zones where a disparity between buying and selling forces exists.
  2. Alternate Names: They are also widely recognized as ‘price imbalance’ or ‘market inefficiency’.
  3. The Role of Price: It’s crucial to note that price movement is driven by liquidity. The continuous chase of pairing buy and sell orders in equal balance represents market efficiency. This balancing act is imperative, especially when dealing with 'smart money' or significant institutional funds that need to place orders across every possible pip.
Version: V1.14
Terminal: MT4
Year of issue: 2022
Working pairs:  ANY
Recommended timeframe: ANY

Best Brokers List

Forex FVG Indicator  works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the top forex brokers listed below:

BROKER NAMEREGISTERYear Founded Headquartered LeverageMinimum Deposit Regulating
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 2
🇦🇺 Australia
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇧🇸 The Bahamas
🇸🇿 Seychelles
1:1000$200ASIC, SCB, FSA
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 3Register2008
🇨🇾 Cyprus
1:Unlimited$10CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA, BVI
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 4Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 5Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 6Register2009
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇦🇺 Australia
🇧🇿 Belize
🇦🇪 Emirates
1:1000$5 ASIC, CySEC , IFSC
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 7Register2010
🇦🇺 Australia
1:500$200FCA , ASIC, DFSA
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 8Register2011
🇬🇧 England
Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 9Register2006
🇪🇭 Ireland

Forex FVG Indicator Settings:

Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 10

What is Market Efficiency?

Market Efficiency is the harmonious existence of buyers and sellers. When a market displays efficiency, you will observe considerable overlap of candles, be it their bodies or wicks. This overlapping signifies a balanced market scenario.

Spotting the Fair Value Gaps

When the price suddenly shifts away from an order block, an FVG occurs, indicating the interference of 'smart money' in the market.

  1. Defining FVG: A genuine FVG is present when there's a market inefficiency (like a green candle without an opposing red one) where neither of the surrounding candles, including their wicks, fills all the gaps.
  2. Gap Fulfilment: These market inefficiencies are spots market makers often aim to return to, filling these gaps. But remember, while gaps in daily+ timeframes might take an extensive time to fill, intraday and scalping timeframes tend to be quicker.

FOREX FVG Indicator: A Game-Changer

The FOREX FVG Indicator is designed to aid traders in spotting these FVGs, thus enhancing entry decisions.

Key Features Include:

  1. Versatility: The indicator displays both bullish and bearish FVGs across all timeframes.
  2. Customizability: You can choose to view only bullish or bearish FVGs and set a minimum size for the highlighted FVGs.
  3. Interactive Highlight Lines: These lines change when an FVG has been mitigated and vanish completely when the price has traversed through them.
  4. Alert Mechanism: From Popup to Push & Email, get instant alerts on price touching the FVG dotted line.
  5. Look-Back Feature: A draggable on-chart ‘look-back line’ lets you define how many candles the indicator should look back to highlight FVGs.
  6. Wick Inclusion: Candle wicks are also considered when they touch the FVG line.

Function Insights:

  1. Mitigated Highlighting: A thicker line will depict a mitigated FVG.
  2. Alert Efficiency: Alerts are triggered instantly and only once when the price touches the FVG line.

FOREX FVG Indicator Results 

Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 11 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 12 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 13 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 14 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 15 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 16 Forex FVG Indicator MT4 - Free Ultimate Guide 17


The FOREX FVG Indicator stands as an innovative tool in a trader's arsenal. With its ability to spot market inefficiencies and provide real-time alerts, it equips traders with valuable insights, enhancing their decision-making prowess. In the ever-evolving realm of forex, staying updated with such advanced tools can be the difference between success and mediocrity.

Download FOREX FVG Indicator

Please try for at least a week an XM demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this free forex ea works before using it on a live account.

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Disclaimer: All trading involves risks. It's essential to do your own research and consider seeking advice from a licensed financial advisor before making any trading decisions.

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