Alpinist Multicurrency Trading System [$650] – Unlimited Version


Multicurrency Expert Advisor Climber under build 1170 without reference.

Mathematical multicurrency trading system, built on the principle of a neural network and using several thousand of the most stable trading algorithms in its work.

Before getting into the general base of A2M1 algorithms, each block of conditions was tested for stability with the identification of certain market dependencies for this block. The network created in this way allows the adviser to independently choose the most optimal option for responding to the market situation from several thousand possible options included in its database of algorithms. In case of an unsuccessful entry, the EA uses a unique multi-level averaging system with an increasing coefficient.

Despite the fact that the work of this adviser does not involve the use of Stop Loss, such an opportunity is present in the adviser. The EA does not need to be optimized; it is already fully configured for work.

The main advantages of
9 currency pairs;
All 9 pairs pass tests from 1999 to the current time (18 years);
No need to turn off during news;
Works on 4 and 5 digits;
Estimated spread from 2 to 3 points (4 digits);
Estimated Take Profit from 20 to 25 points (4 digits).
Operating parameters
Timeframe: M5.
Recommended Take Profit values ​​for 9 currency pairs
EURUSD, USDJPY - 25 points;
Key recommendations with the standard Take Profit (20-25 points)
Recommended deposit size when trading on one pair and the initial lot 0.01.

1500 USDC - cent account;
$ 1500 - standard bill;
DepoStep - 1500 (automatic lot increase, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk;
Leverage: from 1: 500.
USDJPY - necessarily included Trailing Stop with default values ​​(10; 2).
The recommended deposit size for multicurrency trading and the initial lot is 0.01.
5000 USDC - cent account;
$ 5000 - standard account;
DepoStep - 5000 (automatic lot increase, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk;
Leverage: from 1: 500.
Key recommendations with a reduced Take Profit (10 points)
Recommended deposit size for multi-currency trading.

2500 USDC - cent account;
$ 2500 - standard bill;
DepoStep - 2500 (automatic lot increase, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk;
Leverage: from 1: 500.
General trading settings

Start trading - enable / disable the adviser;
TakeProfit - profit size for orders opened by the adviser, depends on the specific currency pair and trading style (see the above recommendations on TakeProfit);
StopLoss - loss limiter, its size depends on the trading style. In this advisor, this parameter is better left unchanged;
Slip - maximum allowable slippage;
MagicNumber is a unique number of open positions by an adviser.
Risk Management

Lots - initial lot size. It is activated if the Risk and DepoStep values ​​are zero;
Risk -% of the deposit balance, by which the initial lot is increased. It is activated if the Lots size value is zero;
DepoStep - step of the deposit value at which the initial lot is doubled. It is activated if the Lots and Risk values ​​are zero.
Stop by equity - enable / disable loss limitation parameter in accordance with equity size;
Value of equity - the size of allowable losses in equity at which all orders previously opened by the adviser will be closed.
Trailing Stop

Use Trailing Stop - enable / disable the Trailing Stop parameter;
Fixed trailing size - the size of the Trailing Stop in points from the order open price;
The size of the correction Trailing Stop - the range of the price movement in points from Fixed trailing size to the triggering of the Trailing Stop.



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