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Conservative Trader EA :


TrendHunter EA gives you confidence that you also can earn money. Trend Hunter EA is the best EA for your own account management. Stay with us and enjoy your relax income. Trend Hunter EA does not take random trade. When signal match only that time Trend Hunter EA take the entry. So don’t be impatience for not taking the trade. Also, one more thing time zone settings are the most important fact of Trend Hunter EA.

Classic Breakout EA is a breakout system EA. It works from London session to newyork session. London session it setup range for breakout and after a solid breakout it takes trade. Classic Breakout EA does not take trades randomly. If you want random trades in your account then Classic Breakout EA is not for you .

Conservative Trader Settings:

Conservative Trader EA - Free Edition 4

TrendHunter EA  Descreption:

Trend Hunter Rocket

Who shouldn’t use it :

If you are a conservative trader.
If your monthly target is 10-30%
If you have no big balance like ( 3k-5k plus) and you have no intention to earn quick money from cent account.
If you have no higher intention for big income

Who should use it :

High ambitious trader. Want to earn big from small balance.
Want to earn quick money with big profit.
Have strong nerve.
If you have cent account and earn to money big daily from small balance.

What is EA or Robot?

EA is an Expert Advisor. This is a software which you run in your Mt4 Terminal. It generate money for you.

Is Trend Hunter an Expert Advisor ?


How Trend Hunter Work ?

Trend Hunter works based on Trend. It is based on EMA , RSI , Support Resistance and Fibo Theory.

Why not Trend Hunter take random trade like other EA?

Because Trend Hunter follow only signals. When signal comes he will take trade. If signal not comes Trend Hunter EA will not take entry.

Is low balance can run?

Minimum need 300$ . For low balance we suggest cent account or especial scalping settings of Trend Hunter EA.

Is Trend Hunter EA martingale, hedging or grid EA?

No, it takes reentry when trade goes against. But not martingale way it multiply reentry volume. It increase volume after 50-60 pips when trade goes against and will take reentry from h1 or daily support resistance. And increasing lot is based on Fibonacchi Sequence. Also it set TP based on Fibonacchi Ratio. So it is safe and you can run in cent and standard account even if you have no big investment in your hand.

ROI of monthly ?

Depends on how much investment you do . What settings you run . On average it is 30-60% monthly return.

How much DD?

 Latest version of Trend Hunter EA DD is 10-30% maximum.


How many version you released?

Trend Hunter EA V.6.

Can I purchase or rent?

 yes you can.

What Payment method you accept ?

Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Perfect Money. On request Bitcoin.

VPS service is included with purchase and rent packages?

VPS service is different service. No relation with EA service. Fund management service, VPS service and EA service all are different service under Sure Fx Team.

Is VPS need to run EA?

If you can open your Computer , Laptop, Note book where your EA can run 24 hours with internet connection then no need. If you can’t do this then VPS need for smooth operation.


Can I test your EA before purchasing ?

We release Trial version every week. You have right to know what you purchasing. So we not believe in screenshot , backtest and forward test report. Test our EA on demo account first then decide. New tester of our EA always welcome.

How many times I can test?

Usually one time. But on request we give twice. But kindly not waste your time . we saw some people took EA and not run it on demo account and second week they are requesting to give second time trial version . It is sad for us . For this EA our team is working so hard. So at least respect our hard work. No force to buy or rent. If you take it as a testing at least run it on demo for one week. We will happy if we see people at least test it on demo. We release trial version for one week.

 Last question, is Trend Hunter EA your own developed EA?

It is really sad that people make fool all. They sell free copy to all even they don’t know how the EA works. And people buy those free EA even they don’t question about trial or demo version. . Yes, Trend Hunter EA is our product. That’s why we can make any custom licence for customers. and another thing is we sell EA but never we will sell our source code. This Trend Hunter EA full authority is Sure FX Team. If anyone sells our EA kindly knock us. We will take action.

No one can control Forex Market, Control yourself

Conservative Trader Results:

Conservative Trader EA - Free Edition 5

Conservative Trader EA - Free Edition 6

Conservative Trader Download:


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Conservative Trader EA – Free Edition
  Contents 1 Conservative Trader EA : 1.1 TrendHunter EA gives you confidence that you also can earn money. Trend Hunter EA is the best EA for your own account management. Stay with us and enjoy your relax income. Trend Hunter EA does not take random trade. When signal match only that time Trend Hunter





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