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Elite Algo V2

Elite Algo Review

Elite Algo V2 has withstood Brexit. Every desired interval opens a Buy and a Sell order at a multiple of n lots from the preceding order.
It closes the basket with the required monetary profit.

The Martingale approach is a well-known forex trading strategy. It seeks to double the deal size following a loss, to put it another way. The classic situation, also known as the zero expectation scenario, involves attempting to trade a result with a 50% profit margin.

Best Brokers List 

The Elite Algo V2 works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients to use one of the top forex brokers listed below:

BROKER NAMEREGISTERYear FoundedHeadquarteredLeverageMinimum DepositRegulating
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2007Sydney, Australia1:500$200ASIC
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2009UK1:888$5FCA
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2009Belize1:2000$10CySEC, IFSC
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2008Cyprus1:Unlimited$10CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA, BVI
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2006Dublin, Ireland1:400 $100CBI, CSEC, PFSA, ASIC, BVIFSC, FFAJ, SAFSCA,ADGM, ISA
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister1974 UK.1:200$1 FSCA
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2009Belize1:3000$1IFCS
Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free DownloadRegister2008Port Vila 1: 1000$10VFSC

Setting Of Elite Algo V2

Elite Algo V2

For example, according to the parameters, the EA will open 6 orders (buy and sell) every 200 pips, 5 orders every 1000 pips, and the remainder of the orders every 2000 pips.

When set to true, the EA will not open any new orders once the basket has been closed.

my calculation is for 1:500

04,70 USD for the first position 0.02
04,70 USD against it
07,05 for the “solving” position 0.03
16,45 $ as margin results

risk/margin goes to

1:100 = 82,21 $
1:200 = 41,10 $
1:500 = 16,45 $
1:1000 = 8,22 $

Sometimes a steady account started with 30$ and leverage 1:500 goes further into saving areas (in my opinion ~ 300$), sometimes not.
Several times the accounts get margin calls – we all know why this must happen. But, we have to prevent it..and we have to find tools for mitigation. Sure, the 5 distances with the greatest trade from 0.12 lot give some hope to overcome those situations.

Luca, you once mentioned, that an account without manual closing action from a user makes more profit.
Therefore i am too very interested in drawdown or equity indicators to show such behavior of an account.

Well, it is against the cool emotion-free trading rules, but sometimes we all have a sixth sense for this, don’t we?

Elite Algo V2
Elite Algo V2

Elite Algo V2 Best Config

Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free Download Elite Algo V2, Elite Algo V2 – Free Download


These beautiful fairly turbulent price swings in EUR GBP are delivering some great earnings these days: the system merely cashed in 80 euros yesterday. Moderation (or, in this case, volatility) is the key. It would be tedious and practically impossible to profit because the price range was confined to fewer than 50 pips. However, a 100-pip spike with a subsequent pullback yields far more gains and is far less dull. So long as the swing comes to a halt, retraces, and refuels. This is why I believe EUR GBP works better with this EA, but again, these are perfect conditions and are not indicative of future performance.

Elite Algo V2 Free Download

We highly recommend trying the Elite Algo V2 for at least a week with ICMarket demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this system works before using it on a live account.

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