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Under standard parameters the EA makes 120% in H1 EURUSD since 01/01/2018 till today in MT4. The Max Drawdown was 30%. A bit high, maybe you can fit a .set file , SteadyGone EA Just adjust an apropriate Lot Volume. In the picture below it starts from 01/22/2018 till today and was done with M30 EURUSD.
With smaller balance you of course get a smaller profit. Rule of Thumb with scaling here is that max. profit is with 50.000$ and 8 Lots by 30% DD. The less lots the more would the account survive. You can also use a Martingale feature which wasn’t done in the testing. But the feature needs refining.
For smaller timeframes you have to play with the TP and SL in relation to the periods given by the indicators.
, SteadyGone EA
As buy and sell signal for the EA are a Keltner Channel (KC) and Money Flow Index (MFI). When the chart touches the lower band of the KC while the MFI is still falling and in the opposite direction, the signal is sent. The trade is open till the RSI Oscillator changes direction or it’s friday and trades need to end.
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There is no limitation on the EA so we can battle the big guys , SteadyGone EA
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, SteadyGone EA
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