Consistent Profitable Trading using 4H Outside Bar w/ Pivots

That is an evolution of my earlier thread --- Hybrid System of 3 Profitable Merchants...

We use:
1. Davit's Weekly Fibo Pivot (added 2 Fibo Indicator-Davits Pivot V3.2 is for decrease Time Body simply to see the present week's pivot zones
and Nostromo Pivots is for 4H Time Body so that you can see the earlier, present and future pivots) -
You'll be able to obtain my template on the 2nd publish and use it first then modify by yourself in the event you favor.
2. ADR.
3. TMS Angleator with TDI
4. 30 EMA
5. Breakeven EA
6. Fibo Instrument

Let's make the buying and selling system guidelines less complicated & clearer.

For Pattern Trading -

1. We test our financial calendar for the day and keep away from buying and selling the foreign money with crimson information on the identical day earlier than the information might be introduced.

2. BUT As soon as crimson information has been introduced, we are able to go and analyse the pairs with that foreign money often after an hour.

3. We search for 4H bullish/bearish engulfing candle. Earlier candle needs to be the alternative candle of the engulfing candle. Which means if we're shopping for, we should always have a bullish engulfing candle whereas the earlier candle needs to be bearish. (If there's none, we are able to nonetheless proceed on step 2)

4. We solely begin buying and selling from Frankfurt Open till London Closes.

5. We BUY if value is above 30 EMA and Angleator values are each + sometimes at 70 or 50 values and there are not less than 4 arrows on totally different TF pointing up. Values of angleator needs to be each constructive using 4H and 30M TF.

6. We SELL if value is under 30 EMA using 4H TF and Angleator values are each - sometimes at 70 or 50 values and there are not less than 4 arrows on totally different TF pointing down. And once more, values of Angleator needs to be each damaging using 4H and 30M TF.

7. We draw Fibo software on the engulfing candle itself and we use 200%, 150%, 100% and 0% solely. The place 200% is our goal, 150% as soon as value hits this, we transfer SL to breakeven, 100% is our entry, and 0% is our SL.

8. Our SL and TP could be adjusted accordingly using the pivot zones. For TP, whichever is nearer between pivot and 200%, we take that. For SL, whichever is farther between the 0% and the pivot. I do know risk-reward ratio is not going to be that good more often than not, however I nonetheless favor to have extra positive wins and fewer losses. Or if there is no 4H engulfing candle in your entry, we are able to await a superb value motion transfer and enter solely as soon as value is close to pivot zone to have a greater risk-reward ratio as a result of you possibly can place your SL simply on the opposite aspect of the pivot zone then search for the low/excessive of the earlier 4H candle the place you entered and place your goal to the following pivot which I am positive has extra pips worth.

For Counter Pattern Trading - 

1. Value should solely be within the 61, 78 and 100 PIVOT zones earlier than we even take into account a counter pattern commerce. Counter Pattern Commerce is taken into account if value is above 30 EMA and we carry out a promote as an alternative of a purchase and in addition vice versa if value is under 30 EMA and we carry out a purchase as an alternative of a promote.

2. Then we should always have a bearish/bullish engulfing candle on the 4H time-frame ONLY.

3. Angleator ought to have the identical values as nicely on 4H and 30M TF. And not less than 4 arrows pointing collectively within the route of our commerce must also present up, indicating a superb momentum to the attainable route of our commerce.

4. ADR worth must also be above 100% indicating that value traveled quick and that there might be a attainable exhaustion afterward that may be beneficial for our counter pattern commerce.

5. We draw fibo software as nicely, identical to what I discussed above.

6. TP and SL placement additionally the identical.

Distinction between the Outdated Hybrid System:

If you happen to should ask, there are few variations and modifications that's the reason I created this new thread.
1. This new system makes use of 30 EMA not SMA.
2. We do not commerce on Day by day time-frame anymore however after all can test Day by day nonetheless for route affirmation solely.
3. This new system solely trades counter pattern trades if value is simply at 61, 78 & 100 zones plus if we get a 4H engulfing / exterior bar. Which means we disregard 30 EMA route simply as lengthy we get different confluence corresponding to ADR, Angleator and 4 or extra arrows pointing to our attainable commerce route.
4. We do not comply with Andre's method anymore coz it is irrelevant for the system.

I'm additionally including this second web page to have the ability to embody the opposite indicators which isn't that vital so that you can use...

As a result of FF will not permit me to add extra attachments...

So I uploaded an important indicators wanted on the first publish. Whereas the indications on this publish is non-obligatory however I consider additionally helpful particularly the BreakEven EA.

If you happen to additionally favor, I included my template that I might be using on a regular basis. You'll be able to obtain from right here..

Connected File

That is additionally a superb instance that we are able to use for now as one foundation.. This isn't the most effective setup, however that is the newest that we are able to discover from final week upon writing of this publish.. Good commerce for a BUY on CJ using 4H and 30M...

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Nonetheless, I am giving thanks and credit to the 2 merchants the place I bought among the thought to finish this method:
Davit - Pivot Trading
Hzs10 - Easy H4 Cell Trading System
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