EA Move Stop Loss On break Even

im discovering this a bit bit demanding on my half however is there any EA on the market that may transfer the cease loss to +(# of pips) above break even on final commerce open. it will perform as transfer cease to break even and a leaping cease that might work on all pairs.

all of the accessible EA is barely transfer the cease loss to break even.


you go lengthy and the value retains going in your favor so that you determined to open a number of entry
1st entry)1.30000
2nd entry)1.30550
third entry)1.30600
4th entry)1.30650

all off which have a 25 pip SL.
if the present value strikes 10 pips away from entry value. transfer SL to +2pips to breakeven
and if value strikes away 10 pips from 2nd entry stage transfer the cease lack of 1st entry and 2nd entry to 2 pips above 2nd entry stage
then if the value strikes 10 pips above third entry stage transfer the cease lack of 1st and 2nd entry to 2 pips above third entry stage.
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principally the entire cease lack of earlier trades could be moved 2 pips above the final opened commerce of that pair.

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