Neural network (deep learning) EA & some manual trades

Spent already 8 years in FX. Nevertheless, unsuccessfully, admitting that. At all times have been making an attempt to make use of completely different programs, making an attempt completely different buying and selling methods however all of them went to the 0 in my buying and selling accounts. Additionally tried creating robots, took plenty of time, created additionally +20 EAs, displaying nice ends in demo however in actual life they weren't giving a correct motion. Possibly I used to be anticipating an excessive amount of from them and taking too large danger...
So that is my final contribution to FF. Both it is going to present me that there's hope or i must do one thing else in my life..
This thread will include 2 completely different methods:

1. Neural network(deep studying) EA. Spent a yr on this technique, learn a lot of books, examined plenty of it, spent cash on its creation as some steps i used to be not in a position to implement on my own to this EA. It taskes ONLY USDCAD trades with fastened tp/sl ratio based mostly on divergence on this pair. Threat can be 1% per steadiness. On paper in final 3 weeks it made 22wins vs 12 loss, so 10TP throughout this time. Goal is to make 20-30% yearly with this bot, having not greater than 20% DD. Lets see the way it will go.

2. Manual trades. After very long time of investigation, discovered the place are the leaks of myself and can attempt to remedy them again in demo account and can see the way it goes. Expectations - 20%-30% yearly with a DD(drawdown) not greater than 20% There are 3 major steps that all the time must be saved to haven't a detrimental portfolio:

  1. Psychology - first it's important to to grasp that it's a long run sport. It's arduous however it is best to to grasp. You may guess large, however possibilities to grow to be a millionaire throughout an evening or yr is hardly doable.
  2. System - to commerce one thing you will want a system. It's as much as you what you utilize. I'll attempt to observe channels and commerce brakes and divergences.
  3. Threat administration - no extra 2% per commerce! For those who enhance it, wou will grow to be a loser in long run. As placing a commerce you all the time lose cash(pay fee and costs) your first goal is cash preservation, second is regular capital development, and solely the LAST one is making income. Not vice versa as everybody wish to have. Take finest trades solely, have to develop persistence and self-discipline. If you wish to have enjoyable in FF(as i used to be doing earlier than, placing trades with out correct evaluation) it's higher to go to on line casino, a minimum of you get some drinks without spending a dime.

Lets start this journey. Commerce explorer is known as ALGO AND LT TRADING IDEAS. It's simple to generate buying and selling concepts, however is difficult to discover a correct cash supervisor to have these concepts correctly translated into cash.

First submit is on EAs that would make you very wealthy. Created one (took half a yr) which confirmed superior ends in 2010-2016. Nevertheless in 2017 it generated minus. So it's arduous to consider in these static buying and selling EAs. And that i counsel you to not be fooled by scammers promoting them.
2010-2016 outcomes:
Hooked up Picture (click on to enlarge)
Hooked up Picture (click on to enlarge)
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And right here is 2017 outcomes(once more blowing my cash on it):

Hooked up Photographs (click on to enlarge)
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#1 commerce. Manual one. Purchase GBPJPY. Why:
1. Worth went by way of 147.6 degree to the upside
2. Worth was retesting that worth with decrease quantity.
3. There was a hammer to the upside with greater quantity
4. No new decrease lows are shaped.

SL @146.2

Hooked up Picture (click on to enlarge)
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