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Here it comes, I hate to write especially that english is not my native language, but I decided finally to make a step after a long hard work that led to create my system that I named PROGRESS.

About me : My name is Gabriel Jureidini, I discovered Forex 4 years ago and I quickly understood that it is a hard, rough thing to trade this market.

I won't speak of the rules, and all the things a trader should understand before trying to make money, all good traders talk about it and give you a lot to read in other forum threads.. I go directly to the goal of what I am intending to do here.


First : I will present PROGRESS and all its capabilities.

Second : I will ask all of the participants in this thread to talk only about the following systems for many of them are integrated :

THV System

Symphonie System

TMA Extreme System

Genesis System

NB 10.2 System

Dadas (Price Action) PCTEZ


All these systems have their forums and we are obliged to limit the number of systems because as you will discover, PROGRESS is not a Trading system that is based on one strategy but it can work on all systems. So here we will try to find rules that combines all the well known systems to have an optimised winning system.

Third : I won't give the source code of the system as I didn't decide yet if I will share it or commercialise it so please don't ask me the code I won't give it and a big part of the system is in C++ language so better not to get in it as it is not easy to understand. If you find bugs or any suggestions I will do the maintenance and deliver it.

Fourth: Be patient to accumulate and to understand the philosophy of the system because once you understand it , you will go very fast to implement your own strategy.



The system can be used by all traders :


  1. Traders who want to look at their prefered indicators with a dashboard integrating News, sound and executing their orders manually.
  2. Traders who want to write an Expert System or a Automated Strategy that can be monitored fro the Command Panel. A way to switch from Automatic to Manual to control what's happening at any time.

Now let's have a picture of the system (you can filter the indicators you want to see , here I put them all) :



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Progress - The System Forex Trading 2013 1


and another one of the command window :


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Progress - The System Forex Trading 2013 2



PROGRESS supports :


  1. News in real time
  2. Sound
  3. Hedge
  4. Indicators (that can be removed from the screen, for those who said that my system is flushy but nothing inside)
  5. Command Panel
  6. Manual Intervention
  7. Rule Editor
  8. Signal Editor
  9. and more


Installation of PROGRESS


I made it the simplest possible so here is what you need :


PG_Expert.ex4 (PROGRESS system on MT4. This file goes in the experts folder of your MT4 terminal)

PG_Command.exe (the command Panel. This file goes in the root folder of your Broker Terminal)


PG_ExtFunctions.dll (a small dll for launching the Command Panel on windows)

PG_EntryRules.dll (a dll that it is generated when you define your rules)


these 2 dlls will be in the root folder of your broker terminal


Now PG_Command.exe can deal with multiple brokers at the same time but let's work in this forum on one broker, not to have to talk of problems issues related to the installation and things I didn't verify yet. I will deliver a tested version later on. All this to tell that you don't need to put these 2 dlls in your windows system folder.



Indicators that are used by the system with iCustom are needed in experts/indicators folder and are :


I preceded each file with PG_ and the system from where I got the file. I just do this to have a clean way to know that these files are used by PROGRESS. These are not PROGRESS files , you can find them in the trading System forums. My problem was always to know from which system an indicator has been downloaded. I give the source files for all these indicators whenever they publish it, or it is not forbidden by the author else I just put the .ex4 file.






PG_THV_trix ===> (THV_trix_call version 4)

PG_THV_Coral ===>(THV_Coral version 4)


PG_SYMP_Sentiment ===>(Symphonie_Sentiment_Indikator_ v3)

PG_SYMP_Emotion ===>(Symphonie_Emotion_Indikator_v3 .0)

PG_SYMP_TrendLine ===>(Symphonie_Trendline_Indikator_ v3.0)

PG_SYMP_Extreme ===>(Symphone_Extreme_Indikator_v3. 0)



PG_10.2_WOH 2x1 5.22

PG_10.2_WOH 1x0 5.22




Others common indicators can be found anywhere and I just preceded them also with PG_ but you can use your own. (not needed by the system)


like PG_Ichimoku, PG_HeikenAshi .. etc


The system goes with 4 indicators which will be put in experts/indicators folder


PG_Assistant.ex4 (it assists the trader)

PG_Engine.ex4 (it draws the engines and the rules that the system has launched)

PG_System.ex4 (it draws signals for system objects and others)

PG_Panel.ex4 (it draws the news, fibol levels and angles)


In the experts/files you need these files :


PG_Brokers.csv (this file is created if it doesn't exit and contains the broker and the port on which the system will connect with the command panel)

PG_Engines.csv (this file contains the engines you defined. I explained already. It can be generated by the command Panel)

PG_Objects.csv (this file contains a list of all objects supported with some fields for sound and panel drawing. Don't look at it for the moment)

PG_Signals.csv (this file contains a list of all signals and field for the sound assistant, don't bother with it also for the moment)

PG_RuleFilters.csv (this file contains rules filter. I will deliver the file with all rules filtered, so no need to bother also)

PG_SignalFilters.csv (this file contains how sound is filtered for your signals. It can be modified by the command panel)

PG_ObjSignals.csv (this file contains signals that correspond to every objectl)


One last thing


in expert/files/rules you have two folders :




in input you will find this :





and R_x.cpp from A to R (in these files you define your rules that will be compiled in PG_EntryRules.dll. Don't worry this will be done in the Panel Command and will be placed automatically in the root forlder of your broker. So no need to look at these files externally you will see it in the designer.


in output you should have this :




and all the R_x.o where the compiler will generate objects files. (x goes from A to R)


for the compilation we use the GNU compiler which is an opensource and you will have to install it on your post.

That's ALL


Ok this is a brief presentation ...

Later on I will explain the modeling of the system step by step


HERE IS THE DOWNLOAD of the system updated on the 21 May 2013


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