Strategy For any Market Condition


Hello each one market at all times bullish development or bearish development or aspect method market this three condition solely market. my technique any market condition get good revenue.
its quite simple and safe technique i'll clarify now. buddies any disadvantage this technique please inform
first take one purchase and promote order similar time repair revenue 2 pip solely. if any one order get revenue once more open similar place purchase and promote. mounted no of order 5 (what ever depanding upon ur fairness). after 5 order attain. prime order from above one purchase cease order lot dimension double the loss order lot dimension . for instance startingl lot 0.01 . no of order 5 so complete now 0.05 lot take so u put purchase cease lot 0.20. in final order beneath set promote cease order similar condition for purchase cease lot dimension.
now market go uptrend purchase cease order take and go 4 pip above shut all order and once more begin first one (purchase and promote order take)
suppose after taek purchase order market reverse stability 5 order shut and open 5 purchase order and are available down take promote cease order . each 5 pip take promote cease order similar lot dimension (0.20) so market now promote development shut all order some level. suppose it once more reverse take similar process.

some instances market play sideway market each 2 pip any one order shut and open so get revenue.

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Exmpl :

simply assume lot dimension 0.01 no of order 5 Tp 2 pip lock order 0.25 lot. market begin 1.1234(eur/usd)
1.1234 open purchase and promote.
if market go up purchase shut 2 pip
than similar place open once more purchase and promote
once more market up purchase shut and open purchase and promote
now market return 2 pip now promote shut and open purchase and promote
each order separate 2 pip revenue
so market go up or down 2 pip and one order shut and open itif operating order 5 order attain now final order from beneath on promote cease, prime order above one one purchase cease 5 pip distance from final order.
now market purchase development or promote development no downside any one aspect go take lock order and shut all order with some minimal revenue.but when promote order take market rapid go up what happend? it go up take now purchase cease order. after purchase order and promote order taken evry 5 pip open one purchase cease and promote cease so market go any aspect it shut all order and open contemporary.
suppose market run in between 5 order it shut and open orders take extra revenue.

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