The Grail For Binary Options. SSS-Option Indicator

The Grail For Binary Options. SSS-Option Indicator

by Forex Wiki Team

The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

Forget everything that you knew about trading before, this indicator does not have any technical or fundamental analysis , this indicator is completely different and it is possible that it will be the GRAIL for binary options for many years!

1. Version 1 – SSS-option indicator (free)

2.Version 2 – Indicator SSS-option V2 (paid)

The SSS-option indicator is inherently incredibly simple and the statement “Everything is ingenious is simple” is just about it. Indeed, most often all indicators analyze the price movement, which is moved by a crowd of traders. It’s no secret that binary options are an OTC instrument and all your trades do not affect the price movement in any way. Asset price, volumes, levels – all this is no longer needed for binary options.


SSS-option indicator characteristics

Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .

Timeframes: М15-Н1.

Expiration: closing of the timeframe candle.

Martingale: used.

Instruments: All currencies, gold and silver.

Deal times: from 9 am to 10 pm.

Broker Requirement :

The principle of operation of the SSS-option indicator and why it can be considered a GRAIL

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the indicator does not use any standard technical analysis tools. It is based on mathematical expectations. The indicator analyzes patterns, or rather looks for repeating cycles, thereby adding itself to the list of predictive (leading) indicators, such as indicators: Fourier Extrapolator , Time Freezer and FuturoFX . But unlike these indicators, its algorithm is much simpler and more reliable.

The indicator can only be used for binary options, in Forex these patterns will not bring you profit!

The SSS-Option indicator analyzes bullish and bearish candlesticks from history, writing them down in a table for each time interval of the day, and then looking for moments where the same candlestick has been going on in one of the time intervals for several days (bearish-red on decline and bullish green up)

For example, here we see that the XAGUSD asset (silver) has a time interval (from 12 to 13), where for 8 days in a row it is closed with a red candle (1)


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

At the same time, at the bottom of the graph (2) shows that during the history of analysis (3) there were only 2 such cases, and 9 times in a row there were no red candles at all! It is logical to assume that now after 8 red candles there will be a green one, which means that the next day, in this time period, we will need to buy a CALL option to increase the price.

In fact, this brings binary options trading back to the casino, where there are also red and black sectors in roulette, and people often try to calculate such areas, but all mathematical expectations in roulette are leveled by “zero”, while when using such strategy in binary options you have only two options for the outcome of events.

As you can see, the principle of operation of the indicator is extremely simple and the probability of an accurate forecast can reach 100% when adding a martingale to trading (we recommend using our calculator to calculate Martingale ), given that any, even the longest series of red or green bars will end. The indicator gives us an advantage and allows us to enter such series at later moments, and sometimes there may even be a series at all, for example, of 15 red candles in a row, which will be the longest in the entire history of the analysis of this currency, it is logical that if we enter deals exactly at this moment, even if it continues for 1-2 days, we will be able to get a guaranteed profit with only the third shoulder of the martingale.


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

And most importantly, in Forex, no one cares about what kind of candle was red or green, everything is decided by points, because even a few green ones may not cover one red candle, which means that it will not be possible to make a profit on Forex. In binary options, we only need one pip to make a profit on the trade. Isn’t this the Grail for Binary Options?

Installing the SSS-option indicator and setting in the MT4 terminal

Installing the SSS-Option indicator in the MetaTrader 4 terminal is slightly different from installing other MT4 indicators, since the indicator, in view of its calculation features, is an advisor, not an indicator. Therefore, to install an indicator in the Metatrader4 terminal, you need to copy it not to the Indicators folder , but to the Experts folder After installation in the terminal, we find the indicator in the “advisors” and be sure to enable DLL import for the indicator to work.


The indicator has two types of trading, conservative and risky.

If you plan to trade more conservatively, then after the indicator is copied, be sure to download the history of the asset on which you are going to trade. To do this, go to the “Service” menu of the MT4 terminal, then select the “quotes archive” (F2) item and load the history of the asset we need, on the timeframe we need


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

After the quotes are loaded, we add the indicator to the chart and be sure to turn on “full recalculation” at the first load, this will open the page of our website, which please do not close it all the time you work with the indicator in the terminal.


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

If after loading the indicator you still have empty fields, open the menu by right-clicking and click “refresh”


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

How to use the Grail on binary options. Opening deals on SSS-Option

In order to make deals using this “Grail for Binary Options”, we need to find the currency in which a long series of candles of the same color was formed on one of the time intervals. Usually 8-10 days in a row can be considered a long period.

If you use a conservative trading method and download the entire history of the asset, then it is logical that the series will be larger, because the analysis can take more than 10 years!


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

As you can see for EUR / USD, over 10 years, only a few times and only on one time interval there were more than 15 repetitions of a candle of the same color in a row, on the other intervals there were only 11-13 maximum. It is at such moments, when the maximum series appears, that we should begin to open options for changing the color of the candle.

Yes, with a conservative trading method, with a loaded history of more than 10 years, there may not be many such moments, but the indicator works on H1, M30 and M15 for all currency pairs, which means there is where to look for accurate trading signals.


The Grail For Binary Options SSSOption Indicator

So, in the example above, we have formed a long series of green candles for the NZD / USD currency, in the time interval 15: 30-16: 00. So the next day, we open the PUT option at 15:30 with expiration at 16:00 (30 minutes). The main thing is to open deals exactly in time, or even better to use pending deals , such as with the PocketOption broker, and then the deal will open automatically at the time interval we need.


The SSS-option indicator is really unique and, if used correctly, it can be safely considered a GRAIL for binary options. If you are a more aggressive trader and want to receive more signals from the indicator, then you can load shorter periods of the analysis history, or start entering the series even before reaching the maximum values, because the maximum series can occur once every 10 years.

In any case, the indicator will be useful to you, because you can open deals not just against a series of candles, but look for entry points directly inside the candle according to your strategy, knowing that most likely this candle should close up or down against the series.

Download the SSS-Option indicator

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