This thread is dedicated to the concept of “killing zone” kindly shared by gg53 For this reason the chief guest and guide in its development is him, because he is his creator. All credit for gg53 for this method
Additionally this thread is just to put the system as a separate topic of the Evaluator SAFT thread, which initially discussed. We don´t want to mess or disturb Eval´s incredible concepts, for this reason attached document with gg53 early posts as Guide to start this topic, if you are new here please (. . as a suggestion, of course) read it before, then continue reading all this thread and then you can post.
“G” asks where possible or not using TL or MA’s, let’s see what happens late.
Welcome all.
 The GG53 Killing Zone New Trading System
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 The GG53 Killing Zone New Trading System
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Here is an example of using Gadi_OBV to spot FALSE and TRUE breakouts (not in Asian session).
Usually I don’t trade on Fridays (that’s another issue…) – unless there are special Forex announcements.
On May 3rd (two weeks ago) there was an un-employment announcement which heavilly affect the USD (if differs from expectations).
Here is my setup on EURUSD M1 – prior to the announcement (which should be on 15:30, my broker time).Chart #1 – About 10 minutes before the event I draw a “channel” on high/low Gadi_OBV (yellow horizontal lines between the red vertical lines).
Chart #2 – A minute before the event there was an upward “spike” – I didn’t fall for that (no announcement yet) – and adjusted the channel accordingly.
Chart #3 – immediatly after the announcement there was a sharp “dive” which broke the “channel”. I immediatly entered a short trade (no waiting for bar close).You can see the results.
Another note: usually after a sharp movement there is a consolidation area – and the price tends to return “home”.
Take advantage of that movement too.

Hope this clears the usage of Gadi_OBV in breakouts situation.

Final note on this example: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME !!
It is very dangerous to trade news and during news announcements !!


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 The GG53 Killing Zone New Trading System  The GG53 Killing Zone New Trading System  The GG53 Killing Zone New Trading System
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