Th3Eng Banda Trader Professional

Th3Eng Banda Trader Professional:

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after downloading the file from the attachments
NZP it is added a file Th3Eng Banda Chart Professional.ex4
to the Indicators folder in the program and

add Th3Eng Banda Trader Professional.ex4
in the Experts folder and make an

update in indicators The platform
attaches the expert to the first and second versions and
explain their work with the link

The system of work is signals Almoveng
There are two ways to work the
first entry with the signal if the opposite signal and you lose the closing and losing the new intervention with the multiplier means, for example, 0.01 if you lose operating 0.02 if you lose 0.04 and thus needed to converge signal Htawadk your previous loss and win the
second entry with the signal even if a signal appears The opposite and you lose the loss of the loss and multiply the new signal and work Basket total uniforms for example entered 0.01 and lost and appeared a new signal enter the new violin by 0.02 and then 0.04 and so to the extent of the total trades profit $ 50 for example close all

see in attachments

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