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EA Autotrend AI Review

The forex market, a decentralized global market for the trading of currencies, sees an average daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. Amidst the volatility and complexities of this market, traders are constantly seeking tools that can help them make better trading decisions. Enter EA Autotrend AI, a grid trading system harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize forex trading.

Understanding EA Autotrend AI:

The System’s Core:

At the heart of EA Autotrend AI lies its capacity to use Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). These allow the system to swiftly analyze vast amounts of market data and pinpoint high-potential trading opportunities.

Version: 1.73
7 Terminal: MT4
Year of issue:2023
Recommended timeframe: M5

Best Brokers List

EA Autotrend AI with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the top forex brokers listed below:

BROKER NAMEREGISTERYear Founded Headquartered LeverageMinimum Deposit Regulating
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 2
🇦🇺 Australia
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇧🇸 The Bahamas
🇸🇿 Seychelles
1:1000$200ASIC, SCB, FSA
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 3Register2008
🇨🇾 Cyprus
1:Unlimited$10CySEC, FCA, FSCA, FSA, BVI
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 4Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 5Register2009
🇧🇿 Belize
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 6Register2009
🇨🇾 Cyprus
🇦🇺 Australia
🇧🇿 Belize
🇦🇪 Emirates
1:1000$5 ASIC, CySEC , IFSC
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 7Register2010
🇦🇺 Australia
1:500$200FCA , ASIC, DFSA
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 8Register2011
🇬🇧 England
EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 9Register2006
🇪🇭 Ireland

EA Autotrend AI Settings

EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 10

Digging Deeper: Trading Parameters and Customizations

MM & Risk Settings:

The system offers extensive parameters for lot sizing, from fixed lots to dynamic lots based on account balance or equity. There's a provision to check instances of the EA and ensure only one is running at a time. Other settings like maximum slippage, maximum spread, and allowed symbols at a time offer greater control to the trader.

Time & Strategy Settings:

One can define specific hours for the EA to initiate trades, choose days of the week to trade, and even customize trading strategies and frequency. There's a provision for machine learning setup and forecast settings as well.

TakeProfit & StopLoss Settings:

The system offers intricate controls for defining TakeProfit (TP) and StopLoss (SL) settings. From defining TP for initial trades to hiding TP or SL, to enabling trailing stops, traders have a myriad of options at their disposal.

Grid, News Filter & Stock Market Crash Filter Settings:

These settings allow the trader to define distances between grid trades, manage news events, or even set filters during potential stock market crashes.

You need to give the EA access to the news list website and time server for news filter and time detection functionality to work correctly (delete spaces!):

1. https: //www. worldtimeserver.com
2. http: //timesrv.online
3. http: //valeryservice.com
4. http: //valerytools.com

Unique Features:

  • Utilizes trend, momentum, and volatility filters derived from Deep Learning algorithms.
  • Employs AI forecasts to eliminate low potential trades.
  • Advanced filters for news and potential stock market crashes.
  • Allows trading across multiple currency pairs with a one-chart setup.
  • Fully customizable with an array of filters and options.
  • A self-diagnostic system incorporated into the statistic panel, alongside a neural network forecast indicator.
  • Offers competitive pricing compared to other high-quality alternatives.

Setting up EA Autotrend AI:


  1. The EA should only be attached to an M5 chart, preferably AUDCAD.
  2. In case your broker uses a suffix, update the symbol parameter accordingly.
  3. Allow the EA to access the required news list website and time server for optimal functionality.

Essential Requirements:

  • A quality ECN broker is recommended though the EA is not sensitive to spread or slippage.
  • Continual VPS running for the EA is crucial.
  • Proper leverage understanding and risk management, especially with varying account balances.

EA Autotrend AI Results

EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 11 EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 12

The robot backtest results are very promising. The robot has a very high profit factor of 1.93 and a very low maximum drawdown of 5.82%. This means that the robot is able to generate a lot of profits, even during periods of losses. The robot also has a very high win rate of 71.86%, which means that it is able to win more trades than it loses.

The robot's average loss is also very low at 26.52%, which means that the robot is able to limit its losses when it does lose trades. The robot's average profit per trade is also very high at 77 930.25, which means that the robot is able to generate a lot of profits from winning trades.

Overall, the robot backtest results are very impressive. The robot seems to be a very profitable and reliable trading system.

EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 13

The Forex EA AI V1.73 MT4 shows promising results. It has a profitability of 221% and an equity of 7,907.63 USD. It has a maximum drawdown of 17.1% and a trading activity of 76.9%. The EA trades 99% long and has a 66% win rate. It has a maximum deposit load of 3.8% and a loss rate of 34%. The EA was created by IceFX-Server and is currently being sold on the MetaTrader Market.

Overall, the AI V1.73 MT4 EA is a promising Forex EA with good results. It has a high profitability, a low maximum drawdown, and a high trading activity. It also has a high win rate and a low loss rate

EA Autotrend AI MT4 ( Update 10/2023 ) : Free Download 14


EA Autotrend AI represents a significant leap in forex trading systems, blending traditional trading strategies with cutting-edge AI technology. For traders, whether novice or experienced, this tool can prove invaluable in navigating the unpredictable waters of the forex market. The system's emphasis on user customization, combined with its AI-driven insights, makes it a promising ally in the pursuit of forex trading profitability.

Download EA Autotrend AI

Please try for at least a week an XM demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this free forex Tool works before using it on a live account.

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Disclaimer: All trading involves risks. It's essential to do your own research and consider seeking advice from a licensed financial advisor before making any trading decisions.

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